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Article Writing Can Help You Increase Web Sales – 5 Tips For Successful Article Marketing

Article Writing Can Help You Increase Web Sales – 5 Tips For Successful Article Marketing

Read on to find out 5 secrets for creating a signature article writing and marketing system for increasing web sales…

A professional article writer who understands your signature marketing program can help you integrate proven ways to increase your website sales, get more clients and enhance your web business presence by applying these 5 tips for creating a successful article marketing campaign using SEO article writing strategies.

If you still don’t have a signature system for your internet marketing plan, here are 5 steps to organize and market your website for generating more sales using quality content!

Step 1 – Define your approach

You need to work on a personal level with your clients so they feel they are getting good customer service instead of a cookie-cutter approach that bigger firms give them. Here is where you have an edge over your rivals, so define your client approach to a personalized 1:1 method of interacting with business leads and adapt to individual preferences whenever you can.

For example, if a client prefers using Skype for communication, ensure you are available at a mutually convenient time to exchange project notes or if a client explicitly says he works best via email, don’t be intrusive with phone calls.

Be ready with a step by step process you can take clients through in order to clearly outline your working style during initial consultation so they know what to expect in terms of deliverables, communications, project reports etc.

Step 2 – Measure results

Retaining clients is easier than finding new clients, which is why in order to get repeat business you must ensure your client is able to determine positive results of working with you.

If your clients are not aware or have not acknowledged the advantages of working with you, it is up to you to inform them in a professional and polite manner without being pushy about measurable results (benefits) of hiring your services.

So, ask for feedback on end results when a project is completed and you will be able to note positive results for a client’s business and send email reminders or work requests for future assignments outlining these advantages of working with you!

Step 3 – Use catch phrases and buzz words

When you are creating a signature article marketing campaign, remember to utilize the popular search terms related to your industry as well as catch phrases so you can create a buzz about your website. Then you will be able to capture the interest of major search engine, target market, drive relevant traffic using content based on these keywords to your website and generate more web sales!

A catchy name that can hook your target reader’s attention in the few seconds they have during an online search can help you achieve huge bookings for your product or service, just based on the attention to hot keywords like ‘Article Writer’ instead of Author, using ‘Ezine Writer’ instead of simply Content Writer and ‘SEO Article Writing’ as opposed to simply writing services required!

Step 4 – Organize steps for a systematic marketing approach

To refine your article marketing program for generating more traffic to your website and earning from web sales, you need to devise an efficient and systematic marketing approach. You can do this easily by cutting down your goals into achievable small steps so you are not overwhelmed by the thought of a campaign that drains you out by looking so difficult right at the beginning.

Plus, streamlining steps to article marketing, like hiring and vetting a good article writer, choosing the right article directory for posting promotional articles, submitting to blogs and forums related to your industry etc. are all steps that can be broken down to do-able bits so the program doesn’t seem so broad or impossible to achieve.

Step 5 – Divide the spoils

Once you have devised a signature article writing and marketing program to promote your business on the web, you should further divide the good points of this program into smaller parts. Then sell the access for these smaller parts separately instead of just marketing it as stand-alone module.

This way you will always have a fresh combination of 2 or 3 parts of your marketing program, ensure you can keep your approach unique and still beneficial to the client and stay on track for your web sales goals, especially if any of your customers cannot afford to buy the whole product.

The piecemeal approach to increasing web sales works just as well for acquiring new customers who may want a ‘taste’ of your product or service before buying the whole package as it works to instill confidence in your brand.