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A Conversation with Peter Shankman — TripIt Blog

A Conversation with Peter Shankman — TripIt Blog

Heading Locations is a new series from TripIt that highlights repeated tourists to showcase their unique vacation variations and insider tips. 

Keynote speaker, creator, founder of HARO (Support a Reporter Out), founding editor of AOL News—and regular traveler—Peter Shankman is happiest when in transit. For him, traveling is as much fun as arriving at his vacation spot. 

“A plane is my pleased spot. It’s in which I can tune everything else out and aim on my get the job done,” he explained. “I’ve penned 5 publications while sitting down on planes!” 

What kickstarted this air journey enjoy affair? “I’m a born-and-raised New Yorker. When I started out my own PR agency, I commenced touring to meet consumers exterior NYC and fell in really like with the total encounter,” he explained. “It’s also when I found the price of airline loyalty. The initially airline I ever acquired status with was Continental.”  

And when COVID-19 held him grounded? “It was tough. I have focus deficit hyperactivity problem (ADHD) so a deficiency of travel—a deficiency of a agenda!—during COVID-19 made it challenging for me to cope,” Peter shared. “I experienced 9 keynote speeches canceled in a few days. If I had recognized that my flight on March 8, 2020 would be my final flight for nine months, I would have stayed on it for a longer period.”

On controlling ADHD—and his journey options

Having ADHD (check out out his podcast on the topic) is portion of the explanation why Peter depends on TripIt to continue to keep his journey plans structured. 

“Once my journey plans are in the application, I know they’re taken care of. I don’t have to worry about them,” he explained. “I forward my designs and—boom—they go to my calendar to my mom’s calendar my dad’s calendar my girlfriend’s calendar. Everyone is in the know about my timetable, many thanks to TripIt.” 

What else does he adore about touring with TripIt? “The flight alerts—such as when my gate’s modified or my flight’s delayed—are valuable. I also love examining my Travel Stats.”

“But more than anything, TripIt keeps me sane. I’d pay triple the annual rate of TripIt Pro for the peace of head it provides me,” Peter claimed. 

‘Travel light-weight, but tech heavy’

Being arranged with TripIt signifies Peter has a lot more time to love the journey—and the tiny moments. 

“While I commonly use my time on a airplane to function, I also like to have some exciting. I enjoy to seize time lapses of my flight—so sure, I usually reserve the window seat!”

Peter told me his travel motto is: ‘Travel light-weight, but tech large.’ As such, he packs a carry-on bag only, but he also swears by SCOTTeVEST—a clothes brand that can make a travel jacket with myriad pockets for all his equipment. 

So, window seat only have-on only—what about souvenirs? “I’m constantly on the hunt for fantastic souvenirs for my daughter,” he shared. 

And although he’s very likely off to Asia subsequent (“best lodge breakfasts in the environment!”), he thinks everybody should go to Morocco once in their lives. “Specifically, a put identified as Skoura, Morocco. You won’t see stars like that any where else in the world,” he said. 

Any final assistance for his fellow tourists? “Practice kindness. Particularly now. Specially with your flight attendants.”

Curious to see where Peter is headed next? You can observe him on Instagram and Twitter to hold up with his most recent travel tales, tips—and time lapses. 

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A Conversation with Peter Shankman — TripIt Blog

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