Visit the Channel Islands’ Most Beautiful Gardens in Jersey

Visit the Channel Islands’ Most Beautiful Gardens in Jersey

If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can spend your days outside exploring the countryside, hitting the beach, going wildlife-spotting or ambling around landscaped gardens then there is nowhere better than the Channel Islands.

The largest of these, Jersey, is home to a particular abundance of outdoor places of interest and is also renowned for the sheer variety of its terrain, which helps to support a selection of flora and fauna.

Whatever the address of your guest house accommodation in Jersey, you will find it is no chore to reach one of these attractions, whether you are travelling by car, public transport or on foot.

Indeed, walking is one of the best ways to discover the natural delights of the island, while you could also hire a bicycle and set off on two wheels, making use of the abundant trails.

One of your first stops should be at Reg’s Garden in St Brelade, a site that illustrates just how important the great outdoors is to the people who live here.

The place is home to thousands of plants that may help inspire you to grow something new in your own garden, while wandering around is a particularly sensory experience thanks to the splashing waterfall, singing birds and rippling ponds.

Another nature enthusiast who has opened up their green space to the public is Judith Queree. Situated in St Ouen, in this garden you will find thousands of varieties of flora that have originated from all over the world, including 2,000 herbaceous perennials.

Of course, there are also many more formal public outdoor areas for you to visit during your time on the island. One of the most popular attractions in Jersey is Le Noir Pre Orchid Field.

Here you will be able to see the loose-flowered variety growing freely, along with southern marsh, common spotted and heath spotted orchids. In addition, the blooms help attract many insects and butterflies.

If you are particularly passionate about this breed of flower then you are sure to also want to pay a visit to the Eric Young Orchid Foundation in the parish of Trinity.

The nursery here is practically bursting with the sweet-smelling flora, while outside there are landscaped gardens for you to enjoy.

One of the most popular outdoor places of interest is Gardens of Samares Manor. The grounds here were established in the 1920s by the millionaire shipping magnate Sir James Knott and they are not just good to look at but serve a practical purpose too.

For example, if you love nothing better than cutting fresh sprigs of rosemary or thyme from a window box when you are cooking then you will surely be astounded by the herb garden you will find in these grounds.

Boasting one of the most comprehensive collections of herbs in Europe, the air here smells unbelievably good thanks to all the sumptuous plants growing in the earth. There is even a viewing platform for you to look down on the whole design from above, while you will be able to pick up a few herbs of your own on your way out.

If you are just as interested in the fauna of Jersey as the flora then there are several nature reserves where you could spend the day.

L’Ouaisne Common and St Catherine’s Wood are both home to an abundance of creatures, with red squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs, shrews, the rare frog rana dalmatina, peregrine falcons and even eels to be spotted between them.

So, if you love immersing yourself in nature, start planning your Jersey getaway today.