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Termite Signs – 8 Surefire Signs of a Termite Problem

Termite Signs – 8 Surefire Signs of a Termite Problem

1) Mud Tubes: Mud tubes are a major sign for termites. Mud tubes are about a pencil width thick, usually on concrete, traveling from the ground to the nearest wood. They’re easy to spot. It almost looks like your house is growing roots. If you’re on a slab foundation, look around the outside of the house for mud tubes traveling from the ground to the siding. If you’re on a crawl space foundation, look around the outside of the foundation and inside the crawl space. Wood should never be directly touching the ground because it attracts termites and gives them a way to travel up to the house without building mud tubes.

2) Tiny Holes in Wood: Infested wood is an easy to spot sign. You might notice this wood on decks and other outdoor wood structures, which are particularly susceptible to termite damage. If you notice problems outside, the whole house should probably be treated.

3) Tiny Bubbles in Paint: If termites have eaten the wood underneath paint, then the paint will form small blisters.

4) Sawdust: You might notice sawdust, particularly around door frames or anywhere it’s dark and moist. If you notice sawdust, look around to see if you can find any tiny holes or odd looking wood.

5) Termite Wings: After termites swarm, they immediately shed their wings. If termites are present, you should notice a large amount of small wings.

6) Wood Sounds Hollow: If other signs like tiny holes, sawdust, or tiny wings are present, take a screw driver and tap on surrounding wood. Try poking any hollow sounding wood. If termites have caused damage, your screwdriver will puncture the wood with ease. You might even see live termites.

7) Live Termites: Typically, termites won’t be out in the open; however, you might uncover some while searching for them. They’re smaller than most people expect, about the size of a grain of rice, and a very light, almost translucent, yellow.

8) Termite Swarms: Finally, you may actually witness a termite swarm, in which thousands of termites will fly around the inside of your home for about 30 minutes. Swarming is part of the termites’ reproductive cycle and most commonly occurs after rain on the warm days of Spring.