King’s Shadow Historical Fiction Book

King’s Shadow Historical Fiction Book

Want a good book to read? In the novel King’s Shadow by Elizabeth Alder, Evyn the main character gets his tongue cut off which lead to a series of horrible, unfortunate events that are full of excitement, adventure, betrayal, and death. People can find all these things in the novel and more and that is why people should definitely read it! King’s Shadow is a great book worth the time people spend on reading. It’s interesting plot, characters and intriguing dialogue will suck people in and they will never want to put the book down!

The interesting plot is enough to sell people on the thought of King’s Shadow. The series of events that lead to the climax are nothing less than amazing. Every little detail is shown brightly! Evyn, a young boy working on a manor oblivious to the outside world, has the voice of an angel and trains to become a storiawr. As his uncle shows up on his door step Evyn thinks that this could lead to trouble! They all go to the village meeting and celebrate and are merry. Evyns uncle has a little too much to drink and disrespects some nobles; this outrages them and leads to the big battle. In the end of this battle Evyn gets the only talent he has taken away from him, his tongue! This is where everything begins. Evyns tongue getting cut off leads to a series of very tragic events. Many things happen to Evyn; he is put into slavery, learns to read and write and is taken under the wing of King Harold! Evyns life is full of excitement, sadness and tragedy but he manages it! All of these terrible but great events are in the book. Evyn has one long adventure as he goes through England. The plot just sucks people and makes them never want to put the book down. All the events fuse with each other and create one great adventure.

The characters in this novel are all unique! They all have their own personalities, ways of thinking and acting. They all have their own story to tell and that story is told in King’s Shadow. Evyn, a young village boy gets his life turned upside down when his tongue is cut off. His story is a tragic one but also full of joy! Evyn is a happy optimistic boy, even when the worst has happened he doesn’t give up hope. Evyns uncle seemed like a nice guy until he showed his true colours. He betrays Evyn and shows us that he is a selfish sneak! The characters correspond with the plot, as the story progresses, characters start to open up and show their true colours. Earl Harold, or also know as King Harold is a very king and gentle person. Though he may seem like an intimidating man when he opens up to Evyn he changes to his kind true self. The characters in this novel are very well portrayed. Their personalities shine and they connect with each other fluently. Elizabeth Alder did an amazing job at showing who the characters really are. The characters in the novel are very original and are portrayed superbly.

The novel, King’s Shadow has many messages in it. Some are pretty obvious and some are hidden. The novel portrays the theme of never giving up hope. Never giving up hope is everywhere in the novel. Evyns tongue getting cut off was the death of him until new opportunities opened up to him. King Harold thought that the battle of Hastings was lost. They never gave up hope even if they were going to lose. The novel also shows the theme of destiny. Evyn was destined to be a serf and then a mute but all of that change. It didn’t matter of his nobility, all that mattered is that he never gave up hope and believed which led him to a better life. Never giving hope and destiny up are key themes in this novel. They are both deeply expressed in the characters lives and the novels plot.

As you can see King’s Shadow is a fantastic novel full of great characters an intriguing plot, meaningful messages, descriptive detail and much more the makes it so great. This book has a bit of something for everyone. The characters suck in people and make them care deeply for their fate and lives. They are varied, the plot is very intriguing. Each scene is full of something new and interesting. You will never want to put the book down due to all the new twists and detail being introduced. The themes and messages in the book are clearly expressed through the novel. The author used fantastic detail when describing the scene it makes you feel as if a person were there. The author looked at this book at every aspect and made sure to harmonize all the great things in it. The characters, the plot, their all amazing!