Imagery & Affirmations – Passion for Growth

Imagery & Affirmations – Passion for Growth


Now from all of these areas of your life choose THE ONE that you’re MOST passionate about changing. Initially you are going to choose only ONE goal to focus on. As your Self Confidence grows in achieving your goals you can choose to create goals from more than one area of your life to work on at the same time. In truth all areas of your life overlap and affect one another. To begin though you want to keep things very simple and focus on only one Goal.

Write down the one Goal you’re most passionate about:

What are some of the action steps you’d like to take in this one area and why?

Explain why the achievement of this one goal would give you a sense of fulfillment. What is your MOTIVE for achieving your goal?

You need to strongly connect with WHY you’re pursuing your goal. You must give meaning to your pursuit. Knowing WHY will help you persist and persevere in the face of challenges and seemingly overwhelming obstacles.

Identify Key Strategies for your overall plan. How will you achieve your goal? What are action steps you can take? Take action on one of them NOW.

Complete the survey below to find out Your Unconscious Attitudes and Beliefs about Having What You Want:

I’d like to believe I am loved and supported, instead I believe:

I’d like to believe the universe is a safe place, instead I believe:

I’d like to believe I can achieve my goals, instead I believe:

I’d like to believe I can be a success, instead I believe:

Create your own list of limiting beliefs:

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