Honeymoon Secrets – Five Ways to  Impress Your Wife on the Honeymoon

Honeymoon Secrets – Five Ways to Impress Your Wife on the Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the time your spouse expects you to fetch the stars for her. Look for some special romantic ways to impress your brand new wife on honeymoon.

Give The Honeymoon Suite A Personalized Look

The best way to a women’s heart is show your emotional side.

* Illuminate the room with scented candles, potpourri and floating flowers. Ask the room service to place her favorite flowers.

* Alternatively, tell the room service to get a variety of flowers available in the market for the fall wedding season to display a rainbow of floral colors.

* Order the best colorful fall flowers online and get them delivered at the time of arrival at your hotel.

* Get creative by jotting a few romantic lines to eulogize her.

* Surprise her with a Tiffany – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Time for you to benefit from the wisdom of generations!

Let The Music Play On

Get the hotel band to play her favorite mushy romantic numbers. It will take her by surprise and will surely result in her going all ga-ga over you. Instruct the band members to play sultry jazz and country numbers to set up the mood.

Food For Some Romance

Wives love to gorge on meals cooked by their better halves. Take her by surprise by cooking her favorite steak or getting her favorite martini custom made and delivered on a flower decked tray.

Dating Legally

Plan out a surprise poolside date for your wife. Get the entire poolside booked for just the two of you. Stock the area with her favorite wine and champagne. Ensure the pool is decorated with floating candles. Make her feel like the princess she was on her wedding day.

Good Old Ways Of Romance

Flowers always express the emotions without much effort. If you are the kind who’d let your deeds rather than your words do the talking, surprise your wife with a bunch of exotic fall flowers like orchids delivered at the hotel room. This works well as there are many online websites who deliver excellent quality of fall flowers bouquets at discounted rates.

So get ready to surprise your wife and win her heart forever while on your honeymoon!