121 Waterfall Quotes & Instagram Captions To Inspire Wanderlust

121 Waterfall Quotes & Instagram Captions To Inspire Wanderlust

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Searching for the best list of waterfall quotes to calm and ground you? My waterfall quotes list will have you chasing waterfalls into the wild blue yonder…

TLC told us not to go chasing waterfalls, but I disagree. I say chase those waterfalls whenever and wherever you can. After all, they are one of nature’s most magical wonders and something we should seek to find wherever we travel in the world. 

But if running away chasing waterfalls isn’t on the agenda for the time being, don’t worry. Waterfalls have been a source of inspiration for wordsmiths for as long as words have existed, and there are so many we can read and enjoy. 

So sit back, relax and let my list of the best quotes about waterfalls take you away to a tranquil place just beyond the falls. 

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The Best Waterfall Quotes

The best waterfall quotes really convey the power and serenity of bearing witness to a majestic waterfall. These are the best quotes about waterfalls from the most introspective minds throughout history. 

1) “We are all naturally seekers of wonders. We travel far to see the majesty of old ruins, the venerable forms of the hoary mountains, great waterfalls, and galleries of art. And yet the world’s wonder is all around us; the wonder of setting suns, and evening stars, of the magic spring-time, the blossoming of the trees, the strange transformations of the moth…” – Albert Pike

Waterfall Quotes

Waterfall Quotes

2) “All anyone can hope for is just a tiny bit of love, like a drop in a cup if you can get it, or a waterfall, a flood, if you can get that too.” – Edwidge Danticat

3) “Once we have tasted far streams, touched the gold, found some limit beyond the waterfall, a season changes and we come back changed but safe, quiet, grateful.” – William Stafford

Best Waterfall Quotes

4) “Another way to look at meditation is to view thinking itself as a waterfall, a cascading of thought. In cultivating mindfulness, we are going beyond or behind our thinking, much the way you might find a vantage point in a cave or depression in the rock behind a waterfall. We still see and hear the water, but we are out of the torrent.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

5) “God is discovered entirely through creation – the brilliance of a sunset, the powerful roar of a waterfall, the symphony of sounds you hear in the heart of the forest, or the vastness of space and its countless stars. God is the mastermind behind all matter – every earth shattering scientific discovery and mystery that is yet to be unraveled was dreamed and enacted by God.” – Benjamin F Sullivan

Quotes about Waterfalls

Quotes about Waterfalls

6) “As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I’ll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I’ll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can”. – John Muir

Best Quotes About Waterfalls

7) “The higher the trail the steeper it grows Ten thousand tiers of dangerous cliffs The stone bridge is slippery with green moss Cloud after cloud keeps flying by Waterfalls hang like ribbons of silk The moon shines down on the bright pool I climb the highest peak once more To wait where the lone crane flies.” – Hanshan

8) “A cheery relaxation is man’s natural state, just as nature itself is relaxed. A waterfall is concerned only with being itself, not with doing something it considers waterfall-like.” – Vernon Howard

Waterfall Captions For Instagram

Waterfall Captions For Instagram

9) “Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?” That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.” – Hermann Hesse

Short Waterfall Quotes

10) “Just as a waterfall grows slower and more lightly suspended as it plunges down, so the great man of action tends to act with greater calmness than his tempestuous desires prior to the deed would lead one to expect.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

11) “You don’t have the power to make rainbows or waterfalls, sunsets or roses, but you do have the power to bless people by your words and smiles You carry within you the power to make the world better.” – Sharon G. Larsen

12) “She dares me to pour myself out like a living waterfall. She dares me to enter the soul that is more than my own; she extinguishes fear in mere seconds. She lets light come through.” – Virginia Woolf

Short Quotes About Waterfalls

13) “As the music played over the speakers and the waterfall in the pool filled the silence around us, I knew that without a doubt I had just been ruined.” – Abbi Glines

14) “To trace the history of a river or a raindrop is also to trace the history of the soul, the history of the mind descending and arising in the body. In both, we constantly seek and stumble upon divinity, which like feeding the lake, and the spring becoming a waterfall, feeds, spills, falls, and feeds itself all over again.” – Gretel Ehrlich

15) “When I was walking in the mountains with the Japanese man and began to hear the water, he said, ‘What is the sound of the waterfall?’ ‘Silence,’ he finally told me.” – Jack Gilbert

Funny Waterfall Quotes

Best Short Waterfall Quotes

These short quotes about waterfalls pale in comparison to the crushing power of a waterfall, but are able to convey the majesty of one in just a few words. 

16) “We start in different places, but in the end, we all meet at the waterfall.”

17) “Sometimes, it’s hard to tell how fast the current’s moving until you’re headed over a waterfall.” – Kimberly McCreight

Short Waterfall Quotes

Short Waterfall Quotes

18) “Water is the driver of nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci

19) “I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall.” – Mike May

Best short waterfall quotes

Best short waterfall quotes

20) “Experiencing the present purely is being empty and hollow; you catch grace as a man fills his cup under a waterfall.” – Annie Dillard

21) “The vast waterfall of history pours down, and a few obituarists fill teacups with the stories.” – Marilyn Johnson

Best Waterfall Quotes

Best Waterfall Quotes

22) “No one ever steps into the same river twice.” – Heraclitus

23) “A river that forgets its source will surely dry up.” – Yoruba Proverb

Inspiring Waterfall Quotes

24) “Be soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall.” – Sheng-yen

25) “The harness of waterfalls is the most economical method known for drawing energy from the sun.” – Unknown  

Waterfall Quotes for Instagram Captions

Waterfall Quotes for Instagram Captions

26) “With meditation I found a ledge above the waterfall of my thoughts.” – Mary Pipher

27) “You cannot hear the waterfall if you stand next to it. I paint my jungles in the desert.” – Unknown 

Inspiring Quotes About Waterfalls

28) “Many a calm river begins as a turbulent waterfall, yet none hurtles and foams all the way to the sea.” – Mikhail Lermontov 

29) “Emerald slopes became so tall they touched the clouds, and showers painted diamond waterfalls that sluiced down cliff sides.” – Unknown 

Fun Waterfall Quotes

Fun Waterfall Quotes

30) “There’s no better place to find yourself that sitting by a waterfall and listening to it’s music.” – Roland R Kemler

31) “Be careful crossing above the waterfall, it’s a fatal spot.” – Karl Meltzer

Inspirational Waterfall Quotes

32) “The waterfall winks at every passerby.” – Unknown 

33) “Grace is finding a waterfall when you were only looking for a stream.” -Vanessa Hunt

Motivational Waterfall Quotes

Motivational Waterfall Quotes

34) “The Warrior knows about the “waterfall effect”. – Paulo Coelho

35) “Waterfalls are nature’s waterslide.”

Inspirational Quotes About Waterfalls

Inspirational Quotes About Waterfalls 

Searching for some inspiration that only beautiful words about waterfalls can paint in your mind? These are the most inspiring waterfall quotes. 

36) “And when you hear the sound of the waterfall coming nearer and nearer, tidy up the boat, put on your best tie and hat, and smoke a cigar right up till the moment you go over. That’s a triumph.” – Ray Bradbury

37) “There’s hope at the bottom of the biggest waterfall.” — Patrick Ness


Waterfall Quotes

38) “While people are struggling unhappily in the cities against the cruel authorities, a waterfall happily and cheerfully flows in the nature; there is happiness only if there is freedom!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

39) “A strong man and a waterfall always channel their own path.” – Unknown

Celebrity Quotes About Waterfalls

40) “I love you like a river that understands that it must learn to flow differently over waterfalls and to rest in the shallows. I love you because we are all born in the same place, at the same source, which keeps us provided with a constant supply of water. And so, when we feel weak, all we have to do is wait a little. The spring returns, and the winter snows melt and fill us with new energy.” – Paulo Coelho

41) “Do not feel sad for your tears as rocks never regret the waterfalls.” – Munia Khan

42) “There is a hidden message in every waterfall. It says, if you are flexible, falling will not hurt you! – Mehmet Murat Ildan

Inspirational Waterfall Quote

Inspirational waterfall quote

Celebrity Waterfall Quotes

Actors. Actresses. Television personalities. Directors. Even kung fu legends. These celebrity waterfall quotes offer up some food for thought from some famous faces. 

43) “Just let go – and fall like a little waterfall.” – Bob Ross

Celebritry Waterfall Quotes

Celebritry Waterfall Quotes

44) “The idea is that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing.” – Bruce Lee

45) “I don’t want to die in a car accident. When I die it’ll be a glorious day. It’ll probably be a waterfall.” – River Phoenix

46) “The ordinary-sized stuff which is our lives, the things people write poetry about—clouds—daffodils—waterfalls—what happens in a cup of coffee when the cream goes in—these things are full of mystery, as mysterious to us as the heavens were to the Greeks.” – Tom Stoppard

Famous Waterfall Quotes

47) “When you’re young, there’s so much that you can’t take in. It’s pouring over you like a waterfall. When you’re older, it’s less intense, but you’re able to reach out and drink it. I love being older.” – Sigourney Weaver

48) “My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.” – Mel Brooks

waterfall quotes

49) “The point is that when I see a sunset or a waterfall or something, for a split second it’s so great, because for a little bit I’m out of my brain, and it’s got nothing to do with me.” – Chris Evans

50) “Because of the Thames I have always loved inland waterways – water in general, water sounds – there’s music in water. Brooks babbling, fountains splashing. Weirs, waterfalls; tumbling, gushing.” – Julie Andrews

Famous Quotes About Waterfalls

Funny Waterfall Quotes 

Silly, observational and oh so true, these funny quotes about waterfalls draw some pretty hilarious comparisons between the natural wonders and some of life’s everyday events. 

51) “You don’t always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That’s life.” – Jack Barakat

Funny Waterfall Quotes

Funny Waterfall Quotes

52) “Have you ever stood where a stream spills into a river? The two become one. They laugh over the stones together, twist through the sharp canyons together, plunge down the waterfalls together. It is the same when a man and woman love one another. It is not always a pleasant thing, but when it happens, a man has little to say about it. Women, like streams, can be smooth one minute and make a man feel like he’s swimming through white water the next.” – Catherine Anderson

53) “In America, one sure sign of success is the presence of an unnecessary waterfall in a person’s yard.” – Demetri Martin

54) “I was disappointed in Niagara – most people must be disappointed in Niagara. Every American bride is taken there, and the sight of the stupendous waterfall must be one of the earliest, if not the keenest, disappointments in American married life.” – Oscar Wilde

Waterfall Movie Quotes

55) “Near my house in Los Angeles is a waterfall. I love to take the wife and kids, but it’s also near a sketchy neighborhood. So there’s a lot of gang members that hang out at the waterfall. It’s like somebody took an Ansel Adams photo and then put a Cypress Hill video inside it.” – Al Madrigal

56) “Canoe + waterfall = I don’t go camping anymore.” – Demetri Martin

57) “There’s not much to be said for sightseeing. You go somewhere that has a waterfall. You have a beer, watch the water go over the edge, and move on. Tours are all the same. In the end, the only thing that matters is the beer.” – Jack McDevitt

58) “Romance often begins by a splashing waterfall and ends over a leaky sink.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Movie Quotes About Waterfalls

Waterfalls Captions for Instagram

Thoughtful, funny, introspective and cheeky, these waterfall Instagram captions will accompany that perfect waterfall snapshot and convey the mood you’re feeling. 

59) “Get into the flow!”

60) “Gushing with joy.” 

61) “Lessons from a waterfall: Keep moving, and you’ll eventually get over it.”

62) “I need waves. I need waterfalls. I want rushing currents.” – Tahereh Mafi

Waterfall Song Lyrics

63) “Nature is cheaper than therapy.”

64) “Paradise found.”

65) “Happiness comes in rushes.”

66) “Be water, my friend” – Bruce Lee

Song Lyrics About Waterfalls

67) “Water-falling in love with this place.”

68) “I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.” – Anne Frank

69) “I’m falling for you.”

70) “Sorry, TLC. I chased the waterfall.”

Songs About Waterfalls

71) “Wild and free.”

72) “And I’m free, free fallin” – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

73) “Chasing waterfalls.”

74) “It’s all downhill from here.”

Waterfall Instagram Captions

Song Lyrics About Waterfalls 

The decades have offered up some pretty epic waterfall song lyrics from some of the best musical minds in the business. From TLC’s classic to Jimi Hendrix, these waterfall tunes will take you away to another place.

75) “Don’t go chasing waterfalls / Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to / I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all / But I think you’re moving too fast.” – TLC, Waterfalls 

76) “And through it all she offers me protection / a lot of love and affection / whether I’m right or wrong / And down the waterfall / where ever it may take me / I know that life won’t break me / when I come to call, she won’t forsake me / I’m loving angels instead.” – Robbie Williams, Angels 

77) “My love has concrete feet / My love’s an iron ball / Wrapped around your ankles  / Over the waterfall.” – Florence and the Machine 

Waterfall Instagram Quotes

78) “Watch waterfalls of pity roar, you feel to moan but unlike before, you discover that you’d just be one more person crying.” – Bob Dylan, It’s Alright, Ma

79) “Your love is like a waterfall running wild and free.” – Chris Tomlin, Waterfall

Song Lyrics with Waterfall Quotes

Song Lyrics with Waterfall Quotes

80) “I can see my rainbow calling me / Through the misty breeze of my waterfall” – Jimi Hendrix, May This Be Love 

81) “I’ve lost control / I paddle, but you’re too strong / But I gotta trust your flow / ‘Cause boy, I’m in your waterfall (waterfall)” – Stargate, Waterfall

82) “As we soar walls, every siren is a symphony / And every tear’s a waterfall / Is a waterfall” – Coldplay, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Quotes About Waterfall For Instagram

83) “Don’t go jumping waterfalls / Please keep to the lake / People who jump waterfalls / Sometimes can make mistakes” – Paul McCartney, Waterfalls

84) “Beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall / ‘Cause I can take on so much more than I had ever dreamed / So beat down on me, beat down like a waterfall / ‘Cause baby, I am ready to be free.” – Kelly Clarkson, Invincible 

85) “Let it rain, let it fall / Let our love be a waterfall / Beautiful, magical / Let our love be a waterfall / Let our love be a waterfall.” – Paul Oakenfold, Waterfall 

86) “She’ll carry on through it all / She’s a waterfall” – The Stone Roses, Waterfall 

Waterfall Quotes

Movie Quotes About Waterfalls 

All manner of movie genres have at some point featured a scene near a waterfall or a memorable reference to one. These waterfall movie quotes will make you want to rewatch these classics yourself. 

87) “Just keep swimming.” – Finding Nemo

88) “No other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall. But it’s the only way if you want it just right.” – Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

89) “Brian: Is this our waterfall? Jordan: No. Brian: It’s terrific. Jordan: Yeah, it’s all right. The name’s Mooney, not Monet.” – Cocktail 

90) “A waterfall starts but with one drop, and look what becomes of that.” – The Power of One 

91) “Kuzco: Don’t tell me. We’re about to go over a huge waterfall. Pacha: Yep. Kuzco: Sharp rocks at the bottom? Pacha: Most likely. Kuzco: Bring it on.” – The Emperor’s New Groove 

Waterfall Meditation Quotes

Romantic Waterfall Quotes

Is there anything more magical for couples in love than venturing off to find a remote waterfall and enjoy a precious picnic? Here are some love based romantic waterfall quotes to share with your better half!

92) “Look with open eyes, and you will see the beauty of the waterfall.” – Anthony Hincks

93) “Water was something he loved, something he respected. He understood its beauty and its dangers. He talked about swimming as if it were a way of life.” – Benjamin Alire Saenz

94) “Mountain-rose petals / Falling, falling, falling now… / Waterfall music”
― Bashō, Haiku 

95) “The fall of your hair is rushing through my head like elegant waterfalls repeatedly dancing down into an open riverbed.” – Curtis Tyrone Jones

96) Love is like the rain. It comes in a drizzle sometimes. Then it starts pouring and if you’re not careful it will drown you.― Edwidge Danticat

romantic waterfall quote

Romantic waterfall quote

97) I shift an infinitesimal movement towards him. It is like the leap from a waterfall. I do not know, until then, what I am going to do.” – Madeline Miller

98) “I’m just like a waterfall falling /  falling for you again.” – Meghan Trainor

99) “Love like water, searching for the sea. Love like Time, searching for meaning. Love like all that was, and ever will be.” – Gregory David Roberts

100) “Your freckles spill in a waterfall, over your shoulders, splashed on your cheeks, just like my kisses, my lip trace your like water.” – Chrissie Pinney

101) “I think love is the greatest force in the universe. It’s shapeless like water. It only takes the shape of things it becomes.” – Guillermo del Toro

Romantic waterfall quote

Romantic waterfall quote

Long Waterfall Quotes

Sometimes, one word is enough, other times, we need to dive a little deeper and use a long and in-depth quote to express our feelings. These long waterfall quotes, often by famous authors, will help you deliver that message with a little more depth and passion!

102) “No matter how powerful a waterfall is, it cannot be heard from far away because all waterfalls are local! If you want the whole world to hear you, take a universal position where all can see you, just like the Moon, just like the Sun!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

103) “There’s nobody living who couldn’t stand all afternoon in front of a waterfall. Anyone who can sit on a stone in a field awhile can see my painting. Nature is like parting a curtain, you go into it as you would cross an empty beach to look at the ocean.” – Agnes Martin

104) “I am like the water that runs over me, immune to permanence, recycling endlessly. I am water; I am life. The form may change, but the substance stays the same. Strike me down and I will rise again.” – Rick Yancey

Long waterfall quote

Long waterfall quote

105) “When you are outpouring your emotion, it is like me trying to climb up a waterfall. To get to you. But if you are calm and have faith in me, I can sail right over to you. On the still waters of your soul.” – Kate McGahan

106) “I sat there for a long time, listening to the waterfall intone, its sound filling my ears. It was like the murmur of countless voices and I thought they were prayers. All humanity’s laments and powerlessness. Perhaps this is what it sounded like to God, a cacophony that never ended. Sometimes our Lord stuck his finger into the flowing currents and plucked a drop from farthest away, and examined it closely before placing it on the tip of his tongue. And that was the moment a miracle happened somewhere on our earth, and a person received solace.”
― Mikael Niemi

Top Waterfall Quotes

Waterfall Quotes Good For The Soul 

Water is always a good cleanser for the mind and soul, whether it’s admiring the ocean waves or sitting beside a tumbling waterfall writing in your journal. Find your inner zen with this choice of amazing waterfall quotes!

107) “Waterfalls wouldn’t sound so melodious if there were no rocks in their way.” – Rishabh Gautam

108) “Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing, in the end, can stand against it.” ― Margaret Atwood

Waterfall quotes good for the soul

Waterfall quotes good for the soul

109) “Life is naked. A nude body is the truest and nobles symbol of life. If I draw a mountain as a heap of human forms and paint a waterfall in the shape of tumbling human bodies, it is because I see in the mountain a heap of living things, and in the waterfall a precipitate current of life.” – Kahlil Gibran

110) “I feel like water that transforms from a flowing river to a tranquil lake to a powerful waterfall to a freshwater spring to a meandering creek to a salty sea to raindrops gentle on your face to hard, stinging hail to frost on a mountaintop, and back to a river again.” — María Virginia Farinango

111) “Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Funny Quotes About Waterfalls

112) “Water is sufficient, the spirit moves over water.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

113)“A waterfall cannot be silent, just as the wisdom. When they speak, the voice of power speaks.” ― Mehmet Murat Ildan

114) “Run wild and free like a waterfall.” – Anamika Mishra

115)  “The sound of water is worth more than all the poets’ words.” – Octavio Paz

Waterfall quote

Waterfall quote

116) “All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to go back to where it was.” – Toni Morrison

117) “Sometimes it’s hard to tell how fast the current’s moving until you’re headed over a waterfall”
― Kimberly McCreight

118) “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

119) “Be like water / Flow like a river / Crash like the rain / Fly like the cloud again!” – Md. Ziaul Haque

Celebrity Waterfall Quotes

120) “Swimming against the current is not idiotic if the waters are racing toward a waterfall.”
― Nicolás Gómez Dávila

121) “Drink the waters meant to drown you.” – Nelou Keramati

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