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Why You Should Consider An Alaskan Adventure Cruise Now

Why You Should Consider An Alaskan Adventure Cruise Now

Alaska amazingly holds some fears for many and I guess the fear of the unknown has something to do with this however, what better way than to face those fears by hopping on board a ship and getting immersed in all it has to offer with an adventure cruise.

Long time Alaskan cruise enthusiasts have been discovering the magical qualities this vast wilderness has to offer over and over again and it’s one of the few places left in the world where history has been relatively left untouched.

An adventure cruise should be just that and despite the wonderful experience you can have sailing on board one of the bigger ships on the seas, for those who want to get “down and dirty” and have plenty to choose from, smaller charter operators offer anything from kayaking adventures to fishing expeditions along with marine life experiences such as whale watching.

Experienced charter operators offer Inside Passage adventure cruises and if you are a keen angler then you’ll get a whole new meaning to the word “big!” King Salmon and Halibut are in plentiful supply and the only problem will be whether you have the strength to haul them in. Kayaking trips are a great way to get amongst the wilderness and packages usually involve hiking trips as well. It’s amazing once someone gets a taste of Alaska close up, the experience can be so overwhelming that it becomes a regular destination during their vacation schedule.

Did You Know?

Alaska is such a huge and diverse area however, there are places where big ships cannot go. Adventure cruise enthusiasts have the choice of a number of smaller operated charter services which can take them into areas that would normally be seen from a distance.

Then there’s the trip along the amazing coastline between Vancouver and Anchorage. It’s a long trip and along the way you’ll get to see all of the Inside Passage from British Columbia, all the way to the Alaskan Gulf Coast. Adventure cruise specialists include land excursions as part of the packages available and you’ll experience some of the Denali National Park and spend one or two nights in the midst of the wilderness in fabulous lodges.

Glaciers despite there enormity and mystery hold a magic fascination for many people. On an Alaskan adventure cruise, you have every opportunity to get close up and personal with the mighty glaciers. Shorter four day excursions from Juneau take you right into the hight of Glacier Bay. Not only will you get a close hand look at one of nature’s most awe-inspiring structures but the marine life there to greet you will have you snapping away vigorously on your camera.

Package Prices

There are an array of options available to holidaymakers from shorter 3-4 day trips right up to near month-long adventure cruises. One of the best ways to enjoy the smaller charter operated expeditions, which include anything from glacier cruising to fishing, is to have your vacation tailor-made. You simply tell them what you’re after and an itinerary will be drawn up to suit your particular needs. Otherwise, booking a passage on any one of the cruises on offer will ensure Alaska remains high on your list of destination highlights!