Why All-Inclusive Honeymoons Are the Best

Why All-Inclusive Honeymoons Are the Best

Honeymoons are one of the most memorable times of a couple’s life. After the hassle of the wedding ceremony, the couple is now ready to melt away into a seclusion to enjoy their newly formed union. This is truly romance at its climax and the anxiety is tremendous. Unfortunately, not all honeymoons are memorable because of their joy and laughter and festivity. Some honeymoons turn out to be a real nightmare for the couple especially if there was a lack of planning on the couple’s end. Imagine getting to the honeymoon destination only t find the hotel has overbooked itself and you do not have any reservations. Imagine then trying to get another hotel in a strange town, sometimes even a foreign country and not being able to because you do not know your directions and you do not have a car. All these are real predicaments that hit the newlyweds and shatter their romance.

Hundreds of couples are caught in these situations every day and the problem is compounded by the fact they are in a foreign country. This can even endanger the couple’s safety. Many couples who experience this are the ones who either had slack planning or planned their honeymoon the old fashioned way.

In the old fashioned way of planning, a couple would simply identify their destination, then their hotel. They would then either contact the airline or wait until the actual day and just purchase the tickets at the airport. Then they would get there and just book a hotel and go from there. While this also worked in many cases, there were many hiccups which totally left the newlyweds in total disarray. Hotels being overbooked, no transportation in a foreign country were all accidents waiting to happen. But these can be and have been largely eliminated with all-inclusive honeymoons.

An all-inclusive honeymoon is where the couple pays one fee that caters for everything; airline fare, hotel, transportation and even recreational activities. There are websites such as Expedia, Travelocity and Tripadvisor where one can search the country, city or state of their choice and purchase a low-cost honeymoon package right from the website. This package includes all that pertains to the honeymoon. There are all-inclusive honeymoon packages to the Caribbean Islands, to Spain, Australia, Africa. Hawaii and almost anywhere else anyone might want to go.

One advantage of all-inclusive honeymoon is that there is no needs to contact the airline, then the hotel, then the car rental then the rest of the trip tours. All one does is deal with the agency that is operating the all-inclusive package and these then ensure that the honeymooners are well taken care of when they get to their honeymoon destination. An all-inclusive honeymoon is also cheaper and that can be a great plus especially in today’s economic times where people are looking for savings in everything they buy.