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What You Should Know Concerning Prepaid Travel Money Cards

What You Should Know Concerning Prepaid Travel Money Cards

If you have ever traveled using traveler’s checks, you understand how difficult they can be to use. Many places no longer take the checks because they are so easy to duplicate. Prepaid travel money cards offer the same safety but are much easier to use.


If you use prepaid cards and your card is lost or stolen, you have not lost information that will allow someone to access any of your personal information or other accounts. There is no name printed on the card, so someone will not have enough information to steal your identity from the card.

Many prepaid cards offer a guarantee that if the card is lost or stolen, a replacement card can be issued within twenty four hours of the report. You will make a report of the last purchase you made with the card and it will be canceled immediately. The money that is remaining will be reissued on another card.

Adding More Money

If you are running short of money on the card, more can be added to this safe mode of traveling with money. If you are near the point of purchase, additional funds can be made available using cash. Otherwise, you can add money using the phone or the internet. You will need your debit card number or your bank account number. You can add money from anywhere in the world using the internet or the phone.

If you travel out of your home country, by using the prepaid card, you will automatically receive the best exchange rates. Merchandise will be entered price in the local currency and that will be translated and exchanged at the current exchange rate. You do not have depend on the merchant for the best rate.

More benefits

By using the prepaid card you can get some of the same benefits that come with purchases made in using a normal card. You can be reimbursed for items the purchase price of the item as long as it was purchased using the card.

Additionally, these cards offer even more benefits. You will find cards that offer travelers insurance in case your luggage is lost in the flight. While the coverage is limited, it is better than no coverage for such loss and costs nothing. The money you are reimbursed can help to have a wardrobe for the remainder of the trip.

Prepaid travel money cards make an excellent choice for travelers. The are also great gifts and a good way to keep money safe even if you are staying home.