What You Need to Know About Sandton Hotels and Their Surroundings

What You Need to Know About Sandton Hotels and Their Surroundings

Johannesburg has much to offer its visitors, apart from the most luxurious Sandton hotels. Of particular mention is the famous Gold Reef City – a large theme park consisting of an amusement park and casino/hotel complex. Gold Reef City is themed around the gold rush in Witwatersrand and is a must-see-must-do option when visiting Johannesburg. Featuring the fastest tallest roller coaster in Africa, a 4D cinema theatre, gold pour and museum.

Experience what 6.3G’s feels like on the Tower of Terror. Built by both local companies and the park itself and designed by Swiss designer Ronald Bussink, the Tower of Terror is a vertical drop roller coaster which holds the record for being the tallest and fastest roller coaster in all of Africa. It’s a must for all adrenalin junkies and more than likely the most daring ride of all in the park. Of course, there are a large number of other rides to dust off your adrenalin glands in case this one frightens you off.

4D, that’s right. Now the technical explanations of the differences between 3D and 4D continue to elude many a mind (including mine!). For today, I want to tell you about the 4D cinema theatre at Gold Reef City, which is yet another most memorable experience on offer. This format of cinema is the epitome of involving you in the show. One can see the picture in 3 dimensions, feel the action in hydraulically moved seats and even smell what you are seeing. I’ll tell you no more, other than to discover it for yourself.

The 1880’s. That’s when the gold rush began in the Witwatersrand and the cornerstone of Johannesburg’s founding. Gold Reef City’s theme centres on this gold rush. Visitors are time-warped back to the 1880’s and can take a walk through town, as town would be in the 1880’s. The buildings all mimic the time period’s design and offer a special visit way back to the early Johannesburg days. Museums offer further insight to life back then and the mining museum offers a look at a gold pour – with real gold being poured into barrels. (No touching this display I’m afraid)

Make Gold Reef City a port of call with priority. Activities are a plenty and of course, the park takes on a new life in the evening – restaurants, shows and gaming a plenty. A mere thirty to forty minute drive from any chosen Sandton hotels this theme park guarantees an exciting and memorable day out for thrill seekers, families and even romantics.