What Can We Master from the Words They Produce?

What Can We Master from the Words They Produce?

Is it possible to profile an author’s individuality by the terms that they compose? It could nicely be, in truth, it is rather doable to predict not only their behavior in the future, but their selection producing approach in a number of distinct cases. To illustrate this level, down below are some words and phrases which have been created in a dialogue about human civilizations and disruptions from too lots of cost-free-thinkers, innovators or innovative geniuses. In this article are the words:

summary, settle for, suitable, attain, acquisition, exercise, true, adapt, adaptable, adaptations, alter, advancements, advantage, influencing, africa, in advance, alongside, altered, while, sum, anarchy, foresee, something, in any case, archeologist, argue, armed, arms, all over, asimov, elements, asteroid, trying, steer clear of, backwards, limitations, based mostly, due to the fact, turning into, more substantial, billion, blown, guides, breaker, bubble, building, enterprises, able, cascading, cash, catastrophe, cave, undoubtedly, alterations, chaos, china, selected, round, civilization, civilizations, civilized, classes, climactic, weather, collapse, will come, remark, committee, committees, interaction, entirely, intricate, conflicts, linked, regular, eat, correcting, made, makes, inventive, cultural, lifestyle, cultures, currency, currently, curves, cycles, problems, dangerous, discussion, definition, demise, density, dreams, detached, diamond, died, unique, route, directional, disadvantage, shortcomings, disingenuous, disrespected, disruption, distribution, isn’t going to, executing, doom, doomed, owing, dummying, a lot easier, very easily, quick, economic, economic system, education and learning, egos, embellished, encountered, improvement, appreciate, pleasant, full, essay, essays, build, etc, all people, anything, evokes, evolution, execute, reveals, exceptionally, eyes, factors, fail, fails, falter, fascinated, less, flame, flickering, flipping, float, flowed, flows, folks, subsequent, eternally, forth, franchise, independence, friedman, frogs, fulfill, satisfying, fury, futures, futurists, gdp, gel, genius, geniuses, provided, provides, global, gloom, goes, going, teams, increasing, guerrilla, manage, occurs, acquiring, allows, greater, hitting, people, hysteria, thoughts, overlook, instant, immersed, impasse, impose, in-concerning, incited, which includes, unbiased, india, indoctrination, Indonesia, industrializing, inflation, influences, infrastructure, innate, innovation, innovators, instability, occasion, intensify, intensive, intent, inter, interacting, intrigued, exciting, into, Isaac, difficulties, Jared, Kissinger, knows, lasted, prospects, leaving, lengths, lessons, liberty, lived, more time, wanting, loses, maker, mankind, optimum, maybe, indicates, media, approaches, Milton, minds, minimal, misunderstanding, monetary, mosaique, mosiaque, moves, multi, a number of, myriad, nations, essential, unnecessary, requires, news, neutral, on to, chance, outdoors, overlay, areas, pathetic, pecking, durations, individually, perspective, parts, spots, plague, planners, plate, system, participating in, political, air pollution, populace, populous, powers, predict, prefer, protect against, problematic, procreate, efficiency, solutions, plan, development, development, jobs, promoted, prophesy, proved, pure, goal, puzzle, quantum, swift, rays, reading through, actuality, definitely, reasons, recommend, information, redesign, concerning, regards, relative, applicable, religion, remain, continues to be, redundancies, renewable, reporting, resources, rests, revenge, correct size, rocket, functioning, s, shortage, situations, scheme, find, seems, providing, sells, major, location, simplify, slaughtering, social, socialization, societies, society, photo voltaic, anything, occasionally, species, rushing, squares, stagnates, stagnation, typical, standpoint, assertion, stomachs, anxiety, strikes, structured, enough, suns, superstitions, astonishing, sustainability, sustainable, devices, taken, usually takes, speaking, tectonic, telling, are inclined, inclination, territory, terrorism, theory, as a result, factors, thinkers, all over, thrown, via, full, to, transportation, trapped, travels, pattern, tendencies, striving, Tv set, un, undercapitalized, unfold, universe, using, various, visionary, whack, alert, wars, observing, weak, wealth, weapons, wired, within just, devoid of, will work, yrs.

You know what is so incredibly fascinating? The most repeated words and phrases utilized in the dialogue really much what the subject matter of the matter is:

  1. Human beings
  2. Civilization
  3. Species
  4. Immediate
  5. Concerns
  6. Principle
  7. Wars

Principle of problems with human species civilization, speedy variations foremost to wars.

This is why lookup engines work so effectively on the World wide web. So, that makes sense to you of study course, now then the secondary set of most utilized words involves:

  1. Nations
  2. Society
  3. Chaos
  4. China
  5. collapse
  6. edge
  7. functions
  8. method

This is ample to classify the topic talked over, but it nevertheless does not explain to us the mood or intent of the writer, but with a minimal far more do the job then surely we should be equipped to figure that out too. I consider the many adjectives and adverbs would convey intensity, intent (striving to persuade, make clear, allegorize, compare). From this list of terms, we could obtain likelihood to people also.

Various terms alongside one another raise depth, aim, refinement, and so forth., hence values can be specified to those as perfectly. Within the context of each and every sentence, values can be designed and additional or subtracted from a total score. The nationality of origin also issues, some cultures use language differently – also if the writer is educated VS. non-educated. We can use ISP #’s to classify by region appropriate? Indeed and No, Bloggers for instance possibly, but many men and women posting on message boards or crafting may perhaps submit from spots other than their origin this kind of as an Austrian in the United States or an Australian in Boston, MA.

I will have to assume on this, but it appears even with a small sampling like this we can in fact tap into the character of the individual author. The much more creating on much more subjects we have of the similar author, the less difficult to confirm the people today decision-generating in advanced scenarios, in a proximity that is satisfactory. Nevertheless, in seeing all this, it seems to me that “I” may not be so quick to determine out obtaining so quite a few distinctive experiences in so numerous unique places, industries and endeavors. Nevertheless as a scenario research, I am specified I may possibly be capable to determine it out, as I am looking for clues that would exhibit this author as a:

  • Realist
  • Entreprenuer
  • Athlete
  • Aggressive
  • Philanthropist
  • Innovator
  • Pragmatist
  • Techniques creator
  • Atheist
  • Traveler
  • In excess of Achiever
  • Thinker
  • Doer
  • Author

Mainly because that is what I am – or at least demonstrating these types of qualities, clues that would assist define the personal in many settings in get to predict selections or responses to several stimuli. Now then, would these kinds of a particular person react to many stimuli in the way we predicted? Can we get a close proximity at the time we know this? I feel so, hence I will be contemplating on this. Hmmm? What say you?