Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018

Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018

In the age of digital transformation, with an abundance of information, nothing is everlasting. Constant change has become the norm in all aspects of our existence. The process of web development is not an exception as well. The recent technological advancements and innovations have changed the way we approach it. The potential has improved substantially with the invention of new programming languages, frameworks and a lot more. Here we discuss the web development trends that will manifest in the year of 2018.

Top Web Development Trends to Look Out For
Constant innovation and change is the key to the world progress. The branch of web development has undergone persistent changes throughout the years. Here in this document, we feature the most recent upgrades in the field of web development.

The Rising Popularity of Vue JS
One of the 10 most-forked GitHub projects in 2017, Vue Js, has attracted a wide range of audiences from different streams of the industry. Because of its unrivaled performance and also the factor of efficiency, Vue JS has gone surpassed the influence of React and Angular. Angular and React were much familiar and were supported by Google and Facebook respectively. Whilst, Vue JS was an open source framework, originally developed and deployed by an individual Evan You. Despite the struggles and competition, in 2018, Vue JS has claimed back the industry through sheer innovation and persistence. Currently, big enterprises such as Expedia, Alibaba, Nintendo, GitLab, and many have begun using Vue JS. And in the future, a lot of many organizations will consider adopting the same.

ES6 and ES7 to Impact Functional Programming
The notion of developing software purely based on fundamental principles is functional programming. The principles contain building software by blending pure functions. Shared state, and mutable data. In fact, the functional code is better assumable, much simple and easy to handle than the object-oriented code. Those who frequently use Javascript will have a better understanding of this point. Javascript improvements such as arrow functions, object/array spread, and async/await will benefit FP big time.

Accelerated Mobile Pages to Improve the Mobile Experience
AMP or accelerated mobile pages is a known factor as for now. Since the Google began sponsoring it, using the same has become a norm already. However, it can drastically improve the performance of your web content and advertisements. And if you implemented it in the right manner, it will positively impact your site speed, user experience, and revenue as well. Because the number of mobile users has increased substantially, the demand for AMP has grown much higher as well. This trend is predicted to be continued in 2018 also.

Much Compatible Browser Extensions
Browser extensions are basically bits of code written in Javascript, HTML or CSS. They improve the functionalities of browsers, can add more features to it and change appearances or the content of the website. Earlier, these extensions were developed only for specific browsers like Mozilla or Chrome. The trend began to shift as the Firefox began supporting Chrome and the Edge as well. However, this denotes a sign of absolute browser extension compatibility, which is far more convenient than the system we are following right now.

Progressive Web Applications for a Rapidly Changing World
These are web apps which possess the functionality and design of mobile apps. The core notion is to build a mobile app sort of experience on web pages or websites. And the result so far is spectacular. Improved conversions, engagement, and reliability are the spotlights. Most of all, if the progressive web app criteria are met, Chrome will notify its users to add this app to the home screen. Ultimately, web applications are trying to provide a familiar, mobile like experience to their fellow (mobile) users.

Single Page Applications as a Convenient Development Strategy
Single page application (SPA) is a well-known technique. Facebook, Gmail, and Google Maps are a few examples of popular Single-Page Applications. SPA fundamentally represents a single web page which loads the contents via Javascript. And conveniently, there is no page reloads or waiting time in SPA. It distinctly calls the data as well as markup and promptly renders the pages. Even though, the notion of SPA is much familiar in today’s web development scenario, it will continue to influence many businesses in 2018 as well.

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