Useful Information and Facts About the University of Phoenix Stadium

Useful Information and Facts About the University of Phoenix Stadium

The design of the University of Phoenix Stadium is made like a Barrel Cactus. This is a huge stadium, and features panels constructed of metal that helps catch the light of the desert. The staff are well known for coordinating everyone including the disabled. This stadium provides many purposes from football games, to events for the whole family, and even weddings. The amazing thing is actually that a person can see it from 20 miles at a distance.

Glendale and Phoenix Hotels near the University of Phoenix Stadium

If you are arranging a trip to watch one of the many games or events that are taking place at the field, there are a few options as far as hotels both in Glendale and Phoenix to check in to. Here are a few hotels based in Glendale and Phoenix for your vacation.

Glendale hotels include well-known names such as Comfort Inn and Hampton Inn. A few other Glendale hotels include places such as Springhill Suites, and Holiday Inn Express. If you are looking to check into a hotel positioned in Phoenix, a few Phoenix hotels include the Sheraton, The Clarendon, the Hyatt Regency and the Holiday Inn Express. All of these hotels provide competitive prices in their area, and both Glendale hotels and Phoenix hotels are in close distance of the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Fun Facts about the Stadium

This stadium seats 63,400 people, and expands to accommodate 72,200. The stadium was opened August 12, 2003, and the first football game to take place at the athletic field was August 12, 2006, which was when the Cardinals beat the Steelers with a score of 21-13. The dominant tenants in this stadium are the Cardinals and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Also, February 7, 2007 was when the University of Phoenix Stadium sponsored the most popular soccer game in the state and 62,462 fans showed up as the US beat Mexico with a score of 2-0.

Green Hotels

With everyone aiming to do things good for the Earth, many things are being created so that they are Eco-friendly. Hotels are now turning to this choice, making changes where available to be more Eco-friendly.

Super Bowl XLII

A few years ago, the University of Phoenix Stadium was chosen for the Super Bowl XLII. Phoenix soon became the hot spot because of this event, which made this Super Bowl a day in history. The week before the Super Bowl, several events took place such as P. Daddy’s block party, the Playboy Party, and the Celebrity Challenge.

There was a rather expanded amount of celebrity appearances such as Jordon Sparks, Alicia Keys, and Tom Petty. The New York Giants competed with the Patriots in a super bowl that made a day in history as one of the biggest upsets, as the Giants beat the Patriots.

Upcoming Events

The University of Phoenix Stadium hosts events all year round, and include football games, gun shows, kids events, and more. A few of the future events for the year of 2010 include:

* Arizona Cardinals vs. Oakland Raiders 9/26/10 * Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints 10/10/10 * Crossroads of the West Gun Show 10/23-34/10 * Arizona vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10/31/2010

The University of Phoenix Stadium offers entertainment for children as well as for sports fanatics. This field can serve many purposes, and from meetings to weddings, as well as everything in between, this is the ideal stadium to pick.