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Treasure Hunt – Birthday Parties

Treasure Hunt – Birthday Parties

People always seem to be looking for a reason to have a party. We have parties for Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby showers, Halloween, Christmas, almost any occasion. Sometimes we have parties for no reason at all, except the opportunity for friends and family to get together in some kind of festive atmosphere.

The parties that are given and attended most often throughout the year are Birthday parties. Everyone either hosts or attends at least several every year. As a result, they are always looking for party ideas that could make their party a little different and unique.

Adult birthday parties might consist of a meal and cocktails, conversation and birthday cake, and ultimately, the opening of the gifts.

Birthdays for children have a wider range of activities and games. Pin the tail on the donkey, clowns and ponies, or piñatas and balloons. After all, keeping a dozen or so children occupied for several hours can be a daunting task. Children’s parties, like adult parties also culminate with the traditional birthday cake and then the much anticipated opening of the presents.

This article is about a new and different approach to the standard gift giving party. You could make your party a Treasure Hunt! This idea can be used with equally great results for adult or children’s parties. Why just sit the person of the day down and hand them gifts, when you could have so much more fun making them find them with clues?

All through out history, people have been looking for ways to make their parties unique and fun by incorporating hunts to add an aspect of difference and action. Easter egg hunts and scavenger hunts are just two successful examples of turning a regular occasion into something more appealing and adding a sense of anticipation for the final result, which in this case is the actual finding of the gifts. At a Treasure Hunt party, this sense of anticipation is carried over to all the guests, because they have an opportunity for participation that isn’t available in the typical gift giving process.

Treasure Hunts also have an ice breaking effect at a party because the actions involved help to alleviate any possible discomfort of having people come together in a situation where they may not know each other well enough for conversation alone to carry the day.

You may have considered this type of party, but thought that it might be too difficult to set up. It’s a lot of work writing clues, hiding gifts, and coming up with a plan that takes you from beginning to end smoothly. I can tell you from experience, that it’s worth the time you spend to make your special occasion memorable. It can be any occasion, or no occasion at all. Maybe you have a spouse, teenager, or co-worker that is constantly leaving things where they don’t belong. You can hide anything, anytime, from anyone, and make a point by making them find their things with clues. This is what memories are made of, and your friends and family will be talking about it for years down the road. Make sure to videotape your party. You won’t regret it.