Travel Stories – Massage Training in the Jungles of Belize – Life

Travel Stories – Massage Training in the Jungles of Belize – Life

The Maya ruled what is now Guatemala, El Salvador, southern Mexico, Honduras and Belize. Belize is a multi-ethnic country. The people are Mestizo, descendents of Spanish and Maya marriages; Afro-Creole, descendents of African and Maya marriages; Maya; and Garifuna or Black Carib, descendents of marriages between African and Caribbean, the original inhabitants of Belize. English is the official language. Though a mixture of Spanish and African dialects with Carib has resulted in the delightful sounding Creole dialect.

Another ten miles and we’re driving through Maskall Village. I see tiny, plain faced huts with dirt floors, and square shingled houses on stilts. Barefooted children with varying tones of skin color, dressed in little, or nothing, stare as we pass by.

We roll down our windows. I feel a hot breeze. The air is saturated with strange, pleasant aromas. We pass a mango tree. In the distance I hear drums, beating.

There’s a shocking lack of techno-gadgets in a jungle village. No television, no cars, no computers. Not even basic services exist like indoor plumbing, electricity, or telephones.

My driver informs me that two modern conveniences recently arrived in Maskall. A generator and a telephone. The generator provides daily electrical service from 6 p.m. to midnight. The favorite appliance I am told is a washing machine though television runs a close second.

Villagers communally share their utility services. For instance in Maskall the villagers decided to have their one phone installed at Miss Delva’s centrally located hut. Children stop by, collect the bits of scrap paper with scribbled messages and run, delivering them around the village.

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