Travel ban – Travel Out of Nigeria to the UK, Dubai, Canada through The Republic of Benin

Travel ban – Travel Out of Nigeria to the UK, Dubai, Canada through The Republic of Benin

road transporation from nigeria to benin republic

Since covid 19, there has been a series of travel bans on Nigerian travellers. With the recent Omicron variant, more countries have joined in the travel ban. The latest are Canada, the United Kingdom (UK) and Saudi Arabia. For the many parts of this year, Dubai placed a ban on Nigerian travellers coming into their country. With this recent development, travellers from Nigeria would not be allowed entry into these countries. Visitors travelling to the United Kingdom will undergo a compulsory ten days paid quarantine. Some of these countries have also suspended the issuance of tourist visas to Nigerians indefinitely.

Since the Omicron variant got discovered in South Africa and Nigeria. It has led to restrictions on travellers from Nigeria and South Africa.

However, travellers who have been to Nigeria in the last ten days will have to undergo a compulsory ten days paid quarantine in a UK hotel. To travel from Nigeria to the UK, you need a UK permanent residency or student visa.
This post will highlight the cost, requirements, the process of travelling from Nigeria to the UK, Saudi Arabia and Canada. It covers everything you need to know when travelling to either the UK, Canada or Saudi Arabia from Nigeria.

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List of countries that Currently Place Travel Ban Nigerian

The following countries have banned Nigerian travellers from coming into their country.
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom (UK)
Dubai (The ban has been lifted)

With this recent ban, it is still possible for Nigerians to travel to these countries. However, you need to understand what to do and how to go about it.

How to Travel to Dubai Through Benin Republic

Countries that you can travel from

You may travel through any country, provided that the country is not on the red list. I will be listing a couple of countries you can travel through to the UK, Canada or Saudi Arabia as a Nigerian. The reasons are based on the following:

  1. The ease of entering the Country: The number factor is how easy it is to enter the country you are planning to take to your destination. Also, ease of moving into the country from Nigeria. It could be as a result of no visa to visit or visa on arrival.
  2. Ease of Visa / No Visa: How easy it is to get a visa to such a country, perhaps you may not even need a visa to visit the country.
  3. Cheapest destination: Another factor is how cheap it is to live in or quarantine in that country. It is better to focus on a country with a low cost of living.
  4. Proximity to Nigeria: Another factor to consider is proximity to Nigeria. The closer the country is to Nigeria, the easier it is to get to and also travel from.
    Based on these factors, these are our top three suggestions.
  5. Benin Republic: The Republic of Benin has become the top choice for Nigerians travelling abroad due to the travel ban. Benin Republic is a three to four hours drive from Lagos. It does not require a visa to visit and it is the cheapest option when travelling transiting to other countries.
  6. Ghana: Ghana is also another choice when travelling from Nigeria to the United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. It is easy because you do not require a visa to travel to Ghana. Ghana is also close to Nigeria.
  7. Any Country that you already have a Visa: Another way to travel to the UK, Canada or Saudi Arabia is by going through countries that you already have the visa. This way, you do not have to go through the stress of starting another visa application process to get into these countries. All you have to do is travel to the country. After you do the 14 days quarantine, you can then travel to the UK, Canada or Saudi Arabia.

Why Should you Consider travelling through the Benin Republic to Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia or Dubai

If you are currently planning to travel out of Nigeria, you discovered that the country you are planning to travel to have placed Nigeria on a red list. It means you can not travel directly from Nigeria to such a country. You may decide to go through other countries not currently under the red list.
Here are the reasons why you should consider Benin Republic or Ghana

  1. It is cheaper: Travelling from Nigeria to these countries through Benin Republic or Ghana is the cheapest means. It less expensive travelling from Benin republic compared to other countries.
  2. Lagos to Benin is less than 3 hours by road: The distance from Lagos to Benin is about three to four hours by road.
  3. Cheaper Hotels: The hotels in Benin are far cheaper than hotels in other west African options
  4. Travelling by road does not require a covid 19 test: Travelling by road from Nigeria to the Benin Republic does not require a covid test.

Requirement for Travelling to the UK, Canada, Dubai or Saudi Arabia from Nigeria through the Republic of Benin.

international passport yellow card

If you are travelling from Nigeria to Canada, Uk, Dubai or Saudi Arabia through any of the West African countries. These are the following documents that you need:

  1. International Passport: You need a valid International passport with more than 6 months validity. This means your passports must have more than 6 months of validity. If not, you will not be allowed entry.
  2. Yellow Fever card: If you are visiting any west African country, you need a yellow fever card. This is proof that you have been vaccinated against the yellow fever virus. This must have been done a minimum of 10 days before your travel date. Please ensure you have been vaccinated for more than 10 days before you travel.
    If you need information on how to get your yellow fever card, check here
  3. Valid Visa: Another requirement is a valid visa of either the UK, Canada or Saudi Arabia.
  4. Flight Tickets: You also need to book a flight to the country you are travelling to. Click here to book a cheap flight.
  5. Negative Covid 19 PCR Test: The last requirement is a negative covid 19 test. Covid 19 test must be done within 72 hours of your travel date.

How to Process Dubai Visa Visa in Nigeria

Tips When travelling to Canada, the UK, Saudi Arabia From Nigeria Through Benin Republic

  1. You do not require a covid 19 test when travelling from Nigeria to Benin if you are going by road, however, if you are travelling by air, you need to do a covid 19 test.
  2. It takes about 3 to 4 hours by road from Lagos to Cotonou, Benin Republic.
  3. You are required to quarantine in the Benin Republic for 14 days before you can travel. It is advisable to do more than 14 days.
  4. You need an e-yellow card to visit the Republic of Benin.

Different ways to Travel to Benin From Nigeria

road transporation from nigeria to benin republic

These are the different ways to travel from Nigeria to Benin Republic.

  1. Air: You can book a flight from Nigeria to the Republic of Benin. Click here for Flight Tickets
  2. Road: This is the most popular means of travelling to Benin Republic. You can either go through public buses or charter a car.
  3. Water: You can also go through water, from Lagos island, you can take a boat ride from Lagos to Badagry and from Badagry you can go by road to Benin Republic.

Different Accommodation Options in Benin Republic

These are the different accommodation options in Benin Republic.

  1. Hotels: You can book hotels in Benin Republic. Hotel ranges from 10,000 to 75,000 Naira per night.
  2. Shortlet Apartments: You can also book shortlets apartments in Benin Republic.
  3. Resorts: Benin Republic has so many beautiful resorts you can choose from. You may decide to have a mini-vacation in Benin before travelling to your destination. Check Out Casa Del papa resort and Djegba Resort.
  4. AirBnB: There are also options for Airbnb. You can book apartments from Airbnb apartments.

Cost of Accommodation in Benin Republic

The average cost of accommodation in Benin Republic ranges from 10,000 to 35,000 naira per day. While Top Hotels starts from 25,000 to 75,000 Naira per night.

Cost of Covid 19 in Nigeria and Benin Republic

Travelling through Benin Republic to any country, you will be required to do a Covid Test. There are two kinds of Covid 19 tests in Benin Republic, the regular covid 19 test and the VIP covid test. The cost of covid 19 is between 55,000 while the VIP test is about 77,000 Naira. It is better to go for the VIP option. With the VIP test, you can get your result the same day.

covid 19 test in benin republic for nigerians

Cost of Travelling From Nigeria To Benin Republic

The cost of travelling from Nigeria to Benin Republic depends on the option you are going through.
The cheapest option is travelling through public transportation while the fastest option is going by boat, you can either take a Boat from Lagos Island or Apapa to Badagry and from Badagry, you can get a car to Seme border.

Crossing the Seme Border – Everything you Need to Know

When crossing the border, you will have to go through several security agencies from police, DSS, port health, customs, Immigration etc. You will have to stamp your passport both on the Nigerian side and the Benin side. Once you stamp your passport, you can then proceed to the country.

Flying to Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia Through Benin republic from Nigeria

fly from cotonou benin republic to UK, canada, saudi arabia or dubai

If you are planning to travel through Benin Republic, you can book a flight from Nigeria to Benin and from Benin to any of these countries.

Click here to book a Flight from UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia through Benin

The cost of a Flight from Republic of Benin

The cost of flight depends on the time of booking and the airline.

Travelling From Nigeria Through Cotonou Benin Republic to the UK, Canada and Saudi Arabia

If you are planning to travel from Nigeria to the UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia etc due to the recent ban on a direct flight from Nigeria to these countries. I will be showing you steps to travel to each of these countries from Nigeria without running into trouble.

Though the travel ban on Nigeria by the United Arab Emirates has been lifted. For some reason, some people still prefer to Travel to Dubai from Benin Republic. Click here for more.

Travel from Nigeria to Canada Through The Benin Republic or Ghana

With the recent Omicron variant, Canada has placed Nigerian travellers on a red list which makes it difficult or impossible for travellers from Nigeria to travel to Canada. If you are planning to travel to Canada as a Nigerian. You may decide to travel to Canada either through the Republic of Benin or Ghana. You can travel to Canada through the Benin Republic by road, air or water. However, if you are going through Ghana, you can only travel through the air now. The Ghanaian borders are currently closed. The Benin Togo Border and the Togo Ghana Border are currently closed. So travellers planning to go through Ghana would have to go by air.

Why The Canada Travel ban

The recent travel ban by Canada was a result of the Omicron variant of Covid 19 which was recently discovered. Canada has placed Nigeria on the red list. The best way to travel to Canada from Nigeria is either to go through the Benin republic or Ghana

Travel to the UK from Nigeria through Benin Republic or Ghana

If you are planning to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) through either Ghana or Benin republic, here is all you need to know. Travelling from the UK from Nigeria through the Republic of Benin or Ghana requires knowing the safety protocols, requirements and the Covid 19 protocols. If you are planning to travel to the UK from Nigeria. You need

  1. The e-Yellow fever card
  2. Your International Passport
  3. Valid UK Visa or the UK passport (for UK Citizens)

Travelling to Saudi Arabia from Nigeria Through Benin republic or Ghana

Saudi Arabia also placed a travel ban on Nigerians who are willing to visit the holy site during this period. It is due to the current Omicron variant. To travel from Nigeria, you either go through Benin Republic or Ghana. The Republic of Benin or Ghana seems to be the best choice. This is because of their proximity to Nigeria and you do not require a visa to visit these countries.

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