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Tips For Finding the Best Reward Credit Cards

Tips For Finding the Best Reward Credit Cards

Are you looking for the best reward credit cards available on the market today? If you are then you most certainly are not alone. Rewards programs have become incredibly popular over the past decade and the competition amongst issuers to entice new cardholders definitely benefits consumers.

Cards issued under the logo of American Express, Discover, Visa and MasterCard offer rewards in one form or another to meet the needs of just about any consumer. They come in the form of cash back, travel, gas, groceries, drugstores, home improvement centers and on and on.

Some cards are specialty offers that have exclusive partnerships with a specific retailer. An example of this would be the Starwood Preferred Card from American Express. It offers rewards in the form of free or discounted hotel stays at their properties including Sheraton, Westin and W hotels worldwide.

Others you may be familiar with would be the partnership between Chase and BP. It offers cash rebates on gas purchases made at BP stations. Almost all airlines have exclusive credit cards in partnership with one of the major issuers. They offer air miles rewards and the ever popular frequent flyer miles.

The other major form of rewards cards are the ones that are non-exclusive but rather have partnerships with hundreds of different retailers across the nation. An example of this type of card would be the Discover More card and the Chase Freedom card.

These are some of the best reward credit cards because they offer cash back rewards whenever use your card to make purchases at grocery stores, department stores, drugstores, gas stations, etc. etc. They are an all-purpose card of sorts that gives the cardholder a great deal of flexibility.

It really all comes down to identifying what your specific needs are. If you travel a lot then you will want to look at the airline miles offers. If you are responsible for feeding a big family then take a look at the cash rebate offers that partner with the stores you frequent the most.

You must absolutely be sure that you carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the credit card you are interested in before you apply. The features and benefits are great bonuses but the fees and interest rates spell out the true cost of using credit.

By all means take the time to think about how a rewards program would benefit you the most. Believe me when I tell you that it will be time well spent.