Theme Parks in Devon

Theme Parks in Devon

The Big Sheep is a theme park for those that are country at heart. Their outdoor activities include sheep dog trials where you can watch one individual and one dog pit themselves against a flock of defiant sheep. You’ll be amazed at the things these dogs can do and the level of training it takes for them to be able to do their job. Ultimate High is an area of the park where you can test your skills walking across all sorts of different rope and log bridges. They keep safety in mind while they set you to enjoy some adrenaline packed moments. When you’re finished with the rope walking, you can join your family on the battle field where with infra-red guns in hand you can battle your other family members, this is much like paintball but without the paint and pain. When you’re ready to set your gun down you can visit the Abbeycombe Garden Center and Nursery where you can view all sorts of exotic plants from around the world. Your nose will be greeted with the fragrances of a multitude of plants, in a quiet, serene atmosphere. You may even find a plant in their nursery that you would like to take home with you. There is a plethora of activities and sights for you to enjoy and interact in while visiting this wonderful park.

Crealy Great Adventure Park is a part that centers around animals and how they interact with us. This park boasts a huge list of rides and attractions as well as event. For the kids there are many characters that wander the park, including Crealy Bear who represents the bears that have lived in the wilds of England and roamed where the park is now located. Children can meet Crealy Bear and learn all about Bears. Honey Bear is Crealy’s counterpart and they live together at the Crealy Adventure Park. Dina the Dinosaur is available to talk to the children about dinosaurs. The Jurassic Coast, which stretches from Exmouth in Devon to Lyme Regis in Dorset is not very far from the Crealy Adventure Park. Swampy the Swampmonster is not very monstery at all, he even has his own café where young and old alike can enjoy jelly bugs and chocolate worms. Crealy park has enough variety that every member of the family will be able to enjoy their time there. If you get hungry while you’re there, they have plenty of things to feed you there too.

The Milky Way Adventure park definitely supplies adventure. You can ride the Cosmic Typhoon which is Devon’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster or you can have a great time in the indoor adventure area which has assault courses, slides built for adults and children or, when you’re tired, you can kick back and enjoy some of the great live shows and events. You can also enjoy an interlude with the birds of prey at the exhibits from the North Devon Bird of Prey Centre. This is a big park with a lot to offer the whole family.

Pennywell Farm Activity Park is one of the biggest of its kind, they have ponies and piglets, goats and reindeer, guinea pigs and eagles and owls. You can walk through mazes or play on the slides and go-carts. You can take train rides or ride quad bikes. They have trampolines and tractors and when you’re ready for a rest, you can visit their restaurant or just have a nice big ice cream. You won’t run out of things to do in this park and you’ll get to really enjoy some quality interaction with the animal and people residents of the park.

Woodlands Family Theme Park

It is set in 90 acres of beautiful countryside. It features sixteen rides, and large, fun indoor play centres with more rides and cafés, plus a wide variety of family attractions, even rainy days can be fun at this park. Outdoors you will find the Ninja Towers, the Commando Course, bummer boats and play areas for the kids. There’s a sea dragon swing ship and three water coasters. This beautiful park features fifty birds of prey in their Falconry Centre, this is the best falconry display around, you can watch eagle owls and falcons, there’s even ravens there for you to see. This park is an adventure park, zoo and farm all in one.