Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas

Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas

Several sites in the Bahamas offer swim-with-dolphins experiences at reasonable cost and for varying swimming abilities.

You don’t have to be an excellent swimmer to have close and intimate encounters with dolphins in the Bahamas. You can meet up with dolphins in shallow waters on the Blue Lagoon Island, just 20 minutes from Paradise Island, Nassau.

Those ready to swim with the dolphins can do so in specially created enclosures by private operators.

Bimini is the closest Bahamian island to the U.S, only 48 miles east of Miami and a short 25-minute flight. Alice Town is the commercial center of Bimini. It consists of a single quiet road called the King’s Highway.

Bimini is known for its spotted dolphins. Half-day trips are offered by Bimini Undersea to seek out the spotted dolphins, which frequent the waters around Bimini.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are fun loving, intelligent, friendly, and playful. The wild spotted dolphin of Little Bahama Bank like to swim side by side with humans.

Dolphins prefer that you swim with your arms down at your sides and not reaching out for them. The wild spotted dolphins come to play with you of their own free will.

Your encounter with dolphins can last from a few minutes to several hours each. The relationship is voluntary based on trust, play, and curiosity. Very active snorkeling and free diving are good ways to keep their attention.