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Summertime Activities And Events In Puerto Rico

Summertime Activities And Events In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island located in the Caribbean. The island experiences a warm climatic condition throughout the year. Summertime, is the best time to go for a holiday. In Puerto Rico, they use US dollar thus travelling is much easier and fun. There are hundreds of activities you can engage in. When you get to Puerto rico the first thing you should do is to pay a visit to the museum to get the history of the country you are in, some of the best museums are Museo de arte ponce, Museo de donna fela, La Fortaleza and many more. Inside the museum, there lies the work of some of the renowned painters, ancient musical instruments and a rich history of their early life and culture. You will see some historical sites like “El morro, Caparra ruins” just to mention a few.

For the adventure lovers you can visit the Rio camuy caves, they are a spectacle when you are done, you can join a group and go on a trek in the El yunque rain forest. Located on the eastern side on Puerto Rico, it is massive with spectacular waterfalls and hundreds of different type of tree species; it is a gently calm forest full of different sounds of birds. There are no entry charges, so if you are nature lover be sure to check out the rain forest.

A visit to Puerto Rico in summer is not complete when you haven’t gone to the beach. Some of the best beaches are Pine grove beach, Las paldas, and Boqueron beach. These are some of the beaches that provide good maritime activities like snorkeling, sun bathing, scenery views, swimming surfing, deep sea diving and others. You can hire a speedboat to take you around as you fish in the sun for some of the exotic fish. You can also engage in beach sport, which is fun.

Apart from the beach activities, there are others activities and events you can participate in like horse racing and cock fighting. During the evening there is nothing breathe taking as watching the sun set. It’s an unforgettable experience, be sure to have a camera to capture all the magical moments in Puerto Rico. While on the inland you can walk or contact any cheap car rentals for a car for travelling. Check out the shops and markets in the inland and you can purchase souvenirs, crafts, jewelry and other artifacts you will not find anywhere else.