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Speedy Way To Help save Income On Southwest Airline Flights

Speedy Way To Help save Income On Southwest Airline Flights

Thanks to unforeseen conditions, I have to fly to Los Angeles the following day. I am by no signifies a regular business traveler. I have often utilized Southwest Airline to journey from Northern California to Southern California since of their prices. So I go to Southwest internet site to examine their record of readily available flights, and I was shocked to uncover out that every flight is priced $124. The complete for the roundtrip including taxes and service fees is a whopping $269. What transpired to their frequently advertised $49 just one-way fare? Apparently, those lower fares have to be booked specific days in advance (ordinarily 14 times). I also searched other web sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, almost everything apart from Priceline.

Eventually, I gave up hunting and determined to pay $269 for the Southwest flight. I was likely by the checkout process then I saw a section known as “Utilize Vacation Money”. Following a minor little bit of exploration on Southwest website, I discovered that you can implement credits from past unused ticket on your future reservation. Then it hits me, there ought to be individuals out there who could possibly be prepared to provide these credits at decreased charges ahead of they expire. But in which would I uncover these folks? A speedy goolge of “southwest journey fund” returns two noticeable areas: eBay and Craiglist.

The 1st area I experimented with is Ebay. Do a look for on “Southwest credit” and BINGO! There are various auctions where people are advertising their expiring credits at discounted charges. Immediately after a rapid scan, I picked up one auction wherever the authentic credit rating amount is $250, but the seller is providing it for $200 Get-It-Now. Which is a 20% saving! Like every single watchful eBay user, I confirmed the seller’s feedbacks and past auctions. I designed sure that there are no other hidden prices. In this case, there is no shipping and delivery fee since the supply process is by electronic mail. The only information you have to have from the vendor is the flight confirmation selection and the title entered in the payment info portion of the initial reservation.

So I compensated the seller via Payal (credit score card funded) and send a message to seller letting them know that I am waiting for the identify and confirmation variety. About 1 hour later, I received an e mail from the seller with the info I essential. So, I head back to Southwest website and proceed to order the flight I had picked earlier. I entered the details delivered by the seller and clicked “Use Ticketless Vacation Fund” button. Bam! $250 is taken off from my complete quantity, and now I only have to pay back another $19 to entire the transaction. So, the last value I paid is $219 for tickets originally priced at $269. A saving of $50 for perhaps 15 minutes of get the job done.

Just to comply with up, I also checked out Craigslist and found a number of people today advertising the similar matter. However, I opt to go with eBay because it was a lot easier to look at the references of the seller on ebay. Also not everyone was prepared to accept Paypal on Craigslist. My only selection was to meet up with the seller and pay out in money, something that I am not enthusiastic in undertaking.