Should I Use Skimboard Traction Pads?

Should I Use Skimboard Traction Pads?

We get asked this question a lot from many different kinds of people. Do you think that I should use skimboard traction pads or not? Well it all depends on you and your experience and if it feels right or not for you. When I was first starting out skimboarding I liked to use traction pads rather than using a wax. The reason for this was I wanted to be more focused on getting the basics down first. I didn’t want to have to worry about waxing my board up each time I went out and hit the waves.

Many times I’d come home from school and didn’t have the time to wax up my board. It was a lot easier just to come home, toss my book bag in the corner, grab my board and hit the water. But at first it was more like my head hitting the sand. Then as time went on I got better and better and the sand wasn’t breaking my fall as much it was back when I was first starting out.

So I can say that skimboarding traction pads are great for beginners, they definitely were for me. They also help by showing beginners where they should stand on the board when they’re first starting to learn where they should stand. Skimboarding is super fun but like any sport can be a little challenging at first. Once you get the hang of it though it becomes very addicting and you develop a lifelong passion and healthy addiction.

I still have boards that I use that have traction pads just for the very reason that I don’t always feel like waxing up my board or again have the time. Waxes and traction pads both have their pros and cons. I always recommend to people to try out both and then decide which one best suites you. Different strokes for different folks as I like to say.

The best thing to do is just get a board and start learning how to skimboard so you understand what an awesome sport it is. Then you’ll understand what I’m always babbling on about. Experience is the best teacher they say. I happen to agree with that.

There’s nothing quite like skimming across a perfect wave on a perfect day. I recommend it for everyone who has an adventuresome spirit.

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. That means skimboard season is here.