Senior Class Trip Ideas For Washington DC, New York City and Atlanta

Senior Class Trip Ideas For Washington DC, New York City and Atlanta

Class trips are usually focused around educational experiences. There is a different sort of trip that still has a learning purpose behind it: the senior class trip. The senior trip focuses on fun, togetherness, and creating memories that will last. After the trip and graduation, many seniors are off to college, the military, or beginning careers. For many high school seniors the class trip is one last chance to be together with their peer group for an adventure, and to celebrate the time they spent in high school.

When planning a senior class trip with any school, I always keep these objectives in mind. Together with class trip planners I strive to incorporate plenty of fun and memorable things to do which appeal to the high school senior. This article will outline three major destination cities: Washington D.C., New York City, and Atlanta, and suggest senior class trip itineraries that work well with this particular age group.

Washington D.C.: A Favorite Destination for Class Trips

When planning a senior class trip to Washington D.C. I still include the major destinations in D.C. such as a trip to the White House and Capitol and an illuminated tour of Washington D.C. To add excitement and fun, I usually suggest a trip to Six Flags America in Maryland, a short bus ride from Washington D.C. Evening activities may include a dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, as most seniors enjoy music and the ambiance at the Hard Rock. Another evening activity that is sure to please high school seniors is a Potomac River dinner and dance cruise. This is a delightful way to spend an evening in the springtime, when most class trips occur, and it also adds romance to the trip. Another evening outing that is popular among high school seniors is a trip to a Medieval Times dinner theater. Period costuming, jousting matches, and medieval decor make this type of dinner a memorable event.

New York City: The Big Apple Delights High School Seniors

A sightseeing tour of Manhattan is a great way to begin a senior class trip to New York City. For those who want to include a theme park visit, Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari in New Jersey is close, and is a popular choice. Seniors may also want to attend a Broadway show while visiting New York City. High School Musical is coming to Broadway and for obvious reasons it is a good choice for this age group. Another idea for evening entertainment is a theme dinner at Planet Hollywood. Dining among snapshots and film clips of Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone and other Hollywood greats is a thrilling way for high school seniors to spend the evening.

Atlanta: A Marvelous City for Fun in the Senior Year

Sometimes overshadowed by larger metropolitan areas such as New York City and Washington D.C., Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent choice for any senior class trip. Atlanta has a great deal to offer high school seniors. The theme park nearby, Six Flags Over Georgia has Batman: The Ride a rollercoaster that recreates Gotham City and Batman’s underground dwelling. There is also a Medieval Times dinner theater near Atlanta for evening entertainment and dining. Students interested in Civil Rights and black history may want to take the Martin Luther King tour. Another exciting activity for senior class trips to Atlanta is a visit to the ESPN Zone. Students can eat supper here and play virtual basketball, skiing, racecar driving, or select from other activities.

When I assist any student travel group in planning a trip to any major destination, I always like to present options. Educational Travel Consultants is committed to working within budget guidelines while still creating the highest quality student trip possible. If your student travel group is planning a senior class trip this year, remember to keep it lighthearted and fun and incorporate tours and other activities that make that particular destination a unique learning experience, too.