School Day Trips to France – Perfect for Cultural Appreciation

School Day Trips to France – Perfect for Cultural Appreciation

School day trips to France can be quite illuminating for students, with the rich history of the land on abundant display. It also helps immensely that the country is located so close to Britain, making school day trips to France significantly more accessible than other foreign excursions.

What destinations can you look forward to visiting on one of these excursions? Here are some of the more popular ones.

Normandy – The home of Camembert and the site of one of the largest amphibious assaults in the history of mankind, Normandy is one of the easiest destinations to access across the Channel. You can pay a visit to the American Military Museum as well as the landmarks commemorating D-Day, along with other famous sites such as the Bayeux Market and cultural centres like the Arromanches 360 Cinema and Landings Museum. Then you can go further back into Normandy’s past by visiting the works of Monet – the cathedral of Rouen and his Japanese footbridge – along with the church painted by Vincent van Gogh in his signature expressive style.

Brittany – If medieval castles and religious architecture are more what you want out of school day trips to France, then Brittany is the perfect destination. The area is rife with ancient feudal castles and chateaus that stand to this day, with St. Malo serving as the centrepiece. Its ancient port will reveal how the people of old plied their coastal trade. Don’t miss stopping by The Grand Aquarium, to marvel at the beauty of the sea creatures that call Brittany their home. And, of course, everyone will be keen to head to the beach during their free time.

The Somme – The tragedies of both World Wars must never be forgotten, and the Somme is a grim reminder of the price all nations have paid in blood. Irish, Canadians, New Zealanders and South Africans – all the members of the current and former Commonwealth have memorials dedicated to the lives lost in the Somme. Britain suffered 20,000 deaths on the very first day of engagement, the highest single-day casualty rate in the country’s history. School day trips to France are typically carefree, but booking a trip to the Somme will allow students to understand the costs of war in a way they will never grasp from books, comics, movies or videogames.

Provence – Provence is a French land filled with history, from the various Roman outposts and amphitheatres to Avignon’s mark in history as the ‘City of Popes.’ It also has its fair share of natural beauty, including its famed lavender fields and limestone peaks. Classical history, religious history, natural sciences and even music are just a smattering of subjects that can be covered by a visit to Provence.

Excursions across the Channel can be made even easier to plan and manage if you enlist the assistance of a travel agency that specializes in school trips. Having a guide that speaks French and knows all the good spots for students to visit can make all the difference.