Protective Cases for the iPhone’s Rugged Consumer

Protective Cases for the iPhone’s Rugged Consumer

As so many users of cellular devices, including that of smartphones, are taking their technology everywhere. In that, there seems to be more possibility of occurrences in which a features phone or smartphone can be devastatingly damaged. The everyday iPhone consumer is running from work to home, to soccer practice and friends houses, hoping that their technology will always up and running.

What happens in that instant where your iPhone is dropped from the car? What about when the iPhone screen in damaged so bad, you cannot see who is attempting to call you; your mother-in-law or the state lottery? Smartphones travel everywhere with us these days, and in such an immediate and busy environment, how are you protecting your iPhone?

There are several great protective cases for your iPhone’s screen, and the entire piece of technology itself. Whether you choose to take your iPhone hiking up a mountain or to a friend’s holiday party, it should always be protected. Here are some of the top choices of rugged cases and protectors for the iPhone:

Otterbox Defender: Said to be the, “Toughest iPhone protection out there”, this case comes in multiple colors to suit your very own style. Costing the consumer approximately fifty dollars, this unit has a fingerprint resistant coating on the outside of the case. It also includes a holster that allows for your iPhone to be face in or out. With an additional inner lining, this case makes a cozy nook for your iPhone; allowing for top security.

Sena Hampton Flip: This sleek iPhone protector is classy and smart, so having your smartphone protection doesn’t have to mean huge gobs of plastic and rubber protecting your unit. Mainly used for the business man or woman, this leather casing unit is known for its sophistication. This particular cover allows for full protection of your iPhone, as it even has a leather piece that flips over the top of your iPhone screen. The Sena Hampton Flip is selling for a smidge under sixty United States dollars.

Seidio iPhone 4 Rugged Combo: Great for the outdoors man or woman, this particular casing unit is made of three layers of protection for your iPhone. Seidio is calling this case the ‘convertible’, in which it can be taken down to just one layer if all three are not completely necessary. Coming equipped with a holster, this case runs the consumer approximately forty to fifty US dollars.

Trident Kraken: The Trident Kraken offers a concept of ‘krack-free’ iPhone protection. Coming in a rainbow of many colors to choose from, this protection unit for an iPhone can become purchased with more personal attributes. Although it does not include a holster, it does include a belt clip; which is often all one needs to attach their iPhone securely. Costing about thirty US dollars, the Kraken will also include full-screen protection.

When a smartphone, or in particular, your iPhone gets dropped and is broken, high-stress definitely sets in. With now having the ability to obtain and secure loads of information on our iPhones, who wouldn’t want to protect all of that valuable data? There are situations wherein cases cannot protect from the need for iPhone repair, although these occurrences are quite severe. Protecting you iPhone information is always in your best interest. Which protective case suits you and your life best – the choice is up to you.