Places in Tampa FL to Rent an Apartment With a Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Felony

Places in Tampa FL to Rent an Apartment With a Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Felony

Tampa Florida is one of the best places in the US to live. Its scenic beach location and near-perfect climate allows for visitors, students, workers and even people to be freely drawn to this city. Renting an apartment in Tampa requires that one have good credit, good rental history and an acceptable background. There are also many apartments in Tampa which are willing to work with prospective tenants who have credit and rental issues but the challenge is off course finding where these apartments are.

Narrowing down on the locations in Tampa

Tampa is a city of over 250,000 people and has thousands of apartments. This can make it a daunting task find a unit that approves regardless of credit or rental history. Off course if one’s credit is tip-top then they can easily walk into any apartment office and walk out with an approval. But this is not necessarily the case for people whose credit is short, or for people who have a prior broken lease. If you have a poor rental history or a broken lease agreement from a previous apartment, chances are high you may not be able to rent.

While there are many apartments in Tampa that flatly refuse to work with people with bad credit, a broken lease or a felony, there are those which are known as second-chance renters and will be willing to work with people with these kinds of issues. These apartments are located all over Tampa in places like:

  • Hampton Terrace
  • Tampa Heights
  • Hyde Park
  • West Tampa
  • Seminole Heights
  • Ybor City

There are numerous apartments in these locales where one can rent an apartment even with bad credit, a broken lease or a felony. Again, while the terms may differ from apartment to apartment, there are units that are willing to work with problem tenants as long as they can prove income.

Sometimes finding out exactly where these apartments are located can pose a challenge for many since they do not readily and visibly advertise. Sometimes getting in touch with an apartment locator can help but this can also end up being a tedious process. This is because apartment locators may give you a list of apartments that are very far apart and checking all of them out can be very time-consuming not to mention frustrating.