Outside Christmas Decorating Trends

Outside Christmas Decorating Trends

It is easy to think of outside Christmas decorations as a couple strings of lights and maybe an inflatable Santa.  To really make your yard pop out and look the best on the block, you will need to jazz up your decorations a little.  Here are some tips that reflect current outdoor decorating trends:

Get some magazines. 

The best place to catch up on current trends is to pick up some magazines at the grocery store.  Take a look at the pictures to see what is in this year.

Throw away the white icicle lights! 

Those are out, and bright led colors are in.  Think blue, purple, or green, and you are on the right track.

Go green.

Green living is an idea that is permeating most things right now, and Christmas is no exception.  For your outside decorations, make sure you buy forever lights, which are led lights that use less electricity and last longer.  You will be able to use these year after year, and you will be able to brag to your neighbors that your decorations are eco-friendly.

Decorate your trees with more than lights. 

Giant Christmas ornaments are a great way to do this.  Hanging several 25 inch bulbs from your trees will give your yard a refined look, and also give people something to look at during the day.

Upgrade to a bigger inflatable. 

Inflatables were the new trend 5 years ago, but now everyone has an inflatable for every season!  To get ahead, you will need to upgrade to something larger.  Look for themes inflatables, that include several characters as part of one package.

Develop a theme. 

Some examples are a Victorian Christmas, a Norman Rockwell Christmas, or a Snowman Christmas.  This will allow you tie your yard together to make it more appealing.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!