Money Saving Tips For Cheap Ibiza Holidays

Money Saving Tips For Cheap Ibiza Holidays

Book your holiday last minute

Although you can also get cheap holidays by booking early still the best way to get the lowest price is by leaving bookings until the last minute and snapping up a bargain Ibiza holiday. It will help if you’re flexible on dates.

Visit outside of the main clubbing and school holiday season

July and august are the most expensive months for holidays in Ibiza because of increased demand during school holidays for flights and accommodation. Visit in late may or June or at the end of the season in September for cheaper holidays.

Look for all inclusive deals

Save money on eating out and drinking in expensive Ibiza bars by booking an all inclusive package holiday where food and drink are included in the cost of your hotel.

Stay in San Antonio

San Antonio has the best range of cheap bars and eateries in Ibiza. Also as a number of clubs are on your doorstep you’ll save on taxis.

Go out late

Clubs in Ibiza don’t open until midnight so you don’t want to go out at 7 and spend hours drinking in expensive pubs and bars before clubbing. Drink at your hotel then head out later in the evening.

Get on the free club buses

If you book your Ibiza club tickets in advance many clubs operate a club bus which picks up from spots across the island and takes you to the venue, saving on taxi fares. Inquire at ticket outlets in Ibiza for details.

Don’t drink

Alcohol is expensive in Ibiza, particularly in the big nightclubs so lay off the booze to keep costs down. In a super clubs like amnesia expect to pay up to 10euro for a beer, it’s not surprising you rarely see queues at the bar in Ibiza clubs!

Go to the supermarket

One thing that is cheap in Ibiza is fresh produce in the supermarkets. If you’ve got cooking facilities in your room or villa whip up a tasty salad or some fresh fish for a really cheap meal. Beers, wines and spirits are also pretty cheap in Ibiza supermarkets so stock up early on your holiday and drink in your room before you hit the clubs.

Buy your club tickets as a group

The biggest expense on an Ibiza clubbing holiday is typically club entries which can run to 60euro for top dj’s. Buying tickets in a group either from ticket outlets in Ibiza town or San Antonio or from the clubs direct is one of the best ways to get reduced prices.

Share cabs

There’s only a few places people get cabs to in Ibiza, for example most people in the taxi queue in San Antonio square on a Friday night will be heading over to Ibiza town for pacha. Ask around the queue and find someone going your way to share the fare.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you to have a cheap holiday on Ibiza without missing out on anything. We hope you enjoy your holiday, however much you spend!