Meghalaya – Hidden Paradise

Meghalaya – Hidden Paradise

If you cannot find reasons to visit Shillong, the annual Cherry Blossom festival is sure to lure you and there’s no place better than the calm, soothing Ward’s Lake to view the pink petal showers, where you can also catch the sunset while you’re at it. Bask in the mesmerizing beauty of Meghalaya with its skies almost always painted white with clouds.

Enjoy a car ride through the mountainous highways or take a helicopter ride from Guwahati to Shillong to have a glimpse of the breathtaking aerial view.

Want to soak in the bountiful showers of the clouds that seem to follow you around? look no further… Cherrapunji is reputed to be the wettest place on earth, and is best experienced during the monsoons. Experience the majestic awe-inspiring beauty of nature in the waterfalls abundantly found there, like Nohkalikai falls, Nongsngithiang falls, Dain-Thlen falls and many more. Another of natures marvels found in Cherrapunji are the living root bridges. Enjoy sights and sound of nature, while taking a quick dip in inviting cool waters, or while trekking through the double-decker root bridge. The old age charm that Cherrapunji exudes is amplified in the imposing structure of the magnificent Presbyterian Church at Nongsawlia with its bell tower, wooden benches and arch windows that takes one back in time.

Drive through winding mountainous roads and canopies to reach Shillong peak from where to get a kaleidoscopic view of Shillong. Enjoy the blissful view of Umiam Lake, also known as Barapani while on your way to Shillong. Ward’s Lake, nestled within a well-maintained park is also a major attraction. Take a boat ride or simply play dress up and click away in their native garb.

Be awed by nature’s splendor when you visit the Mawphlang Sacred grove, located 26kms from state capital Shillong. Set amidst gentle rolling hills, Mawphlang Sacred grove has been preserved since time immemorial by traditional religious sanctions. This thick canopy of pine trees houses a large variety of plants, flowering trees and butterflies. A variety of orchids form a rich outgrowth of bushes. Take a walk with the help of an able guide to unravel the hidden natural treasures inside the grove.

Nestled among tall betel nut trees, along the Indo-Bangladesh border, 90 kms from Shillong, is “God’s Own Garden” – Mawlynnong village. With its cobbled paths bordered with manicured lawns and colorful hues of flowers surrounding quaint thatched houses, Mawlynnong, reputed to be the cleanest village in Asia is a popular eco destination. The residents of this village not only believe in the adage “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, but make it a way of life. You will see a hint of creativity in the bamboo dustbins at regular intervals.

Make your childhood dreams come alive, or give your children an opportunity to indulge in their fantasy by enjoying the unparalleled experience of staying in a tree house. Enjoy your stay in the lap of nature in a tree house suspended 20feet above the ground, overlooking a waterfall and a placid pool. Get a bird’s eye view of the green canopy encircling the village from the Sky Walk, a bamboo platform built 60feet up in the air. If you’re lucky, you might get a panoramic view of the plains of Bangladesh on a clear day.

A 500 year old living root bridge and a strange natural phenomenon of a boulder balancing on another rock are some of the other attractions that might catch your eye while you’re in Mawlynnong.

Far from the hum drum of the city, Nongkhnum in West Khasi Hills district boasts of being the largest riverine island in Meghalaya and the second largest in Asia. With its sandy beaches, subterranean pools, deep gorges and rumbling waterfalls, Nongkhnum promises tourists oneness with nature. The beauty of the destination unfolds from a trek through the villages of Lawse, Mawduh and Mawthar.

For thrill seekers, the untamed rivers of Meghalaya are perfect to unleash the passion for white river rafting. Pitting man against nature, navigating through the rough waters in inflatable rafts gives one the much sought-after adrenaline rush.

Meghalaya is richly endowed with the gifts of nature. It’s dazzling vistas offer immense opportunities for trekking and nature walks. A hike through the lush forests with their rich flora and fauna guarantees an unforgettable experience with great photo opportunities for shutter-bugs to go click-happy.

Camping can also be enjoyed by nature lovers who prefer sleeping underneath the open skies with only the sounds of gushing streams and rustling leaves.

Explore enigmatic caves and marvel at the sights that greet you while exploring.

The “Glen Eagles of the East” – the Shillong Golf Course, set in an undulating valley, amidst thick groves of pine and rhododendron trees, offers relaxation and a hand at a fun sport.

Pick up touristy trinkets and knick-knacks from Police Bazaar to take away a piece of Shillong with you, before you bid Adieu. Shillong will always make you want to come back for more, and you can’t help but feel that Shillong is where you belong!