Meditation Oils – Essential Oils to Use & Methods of Application for Best Results

Meditation Oils – Essential Oils to Use & Methods of Application for Best Results

Naturally regulate & balance your nervous system with a synergistic blend of pure essential oils to support your meditation practice and experience.

A synergistic blend of essential oils can be more effective for getting the results you desire than any single essential oil. The pure essential oils I recommend you use in a blend to support your meditation practice, include:

Frankincense, Myrrh, Himalayan Cedarwood and Sweet Orange

This synergistic blend of pure essential oils is helpful for stabilizing your mind in meditation practice and supports synchronization of your body, mind and spirit.

FRANKINCENSE ( Boswelia fereana ) – A powerful and enticing wood aroma that sweetly sparkles with freshness and a hint of spice. Frankincense maintains its integrity in any blend.

One of the ‘Holy’ oils from ancient times when it was considered more valuable than gold. Frankincense is probably best known for its enduring emotional and spiritual support.

Often used in religious ceremonies. Traditionally Frankincense was used as an anointing oil as it was thought to possess miraculous powers to heal almost every conceivable malady.

A fortifying essence to the mind and emotions Frankincense is a very calming, rejuvenating and empowering oil. Frankincense slows and deepens cellular respiration and has the characteristic effect of comforting and centering you during times of distress.

Use Frankincense to promote your spiritual awakening and to enhance your meditation practice.

MYRRH ( Commiphora myrrha ) – Strong, sweet and woody Myrrh’s enduring aroma anchors other oils in a blend. Traditionally Myrrh has been used for enhancing spiritual and emotional well-being. Myrrh is an excellent aid to healthy functioning of the limbic (emotional center) of your brain.

Myrrh wakes up cell tissues and enhances the physical energetic centers of the body. Its vibrant and resonant effect on cell tissues makes it a wonderful tonic for body, mind, spirit and emotions.

HIMALAYAN CEDARWOOD ( Cedrus deodora ) – A warm and rich wood oil Himalayan Cedarwood has a balancing and fortifying effect on the nervous system. Its sedative and tonic properties act to ground and stabilize meditation practice.

SWEET ORANGE ( Citrus sinensis ) – A very sweet and fresh orange aroma that’s warm and inviting; its action is rejeuvenating and uplifting. A nerve tonic Sweet Orange oil is a happy oil and eases physical and emotional tension.


METHOD 1: Dispense 15 drops of your essential oil synergy blend into a 1 ounce bottle of carrier oil, shake well and allow the oils to synergize for 24 hours, or longer as time permits.

Dispense 1-3 drops, inhale and apply to temples, frontal lobes and back of neck. The oils will enter through the neurovascular points located in these area to effectively trigger your relaxation and healing response to promote balance in your nervous system for an optimal, relaxed and alert state of mind.

A Note About Carrier Oils: I highly recommend pure light coconut oil as the ideal carrier oil. Coconut oil is fully metabolized by the body and, unlike most oils, not absorbed into the fatty cells and tissues of the body, making it an ideal carrier for essential oils to move through the fat cells beneath the dermis and into the blood vessels serving muscles, etc. As well Light Coconut oil remains liquid at room temperature and, because of its light consistency, will not clog skin pores, making it suitable to use on sensitive or problem skin.

METHOD 2: Direct inhalation is the method used most in Germany and the one I use most often in my aromatherapy practice.

DIRECTIONS – Dispense 1-3 drops of your pure essential oils blend onto a tissue or cotton ball. Breathe in the essential oil vapors for 30-60 seconds. Breathe in slowly and pause briefly on your inhaled breath. Then slowly exhale, letting go of any tension. Repeat this slow, rhythmic breathing five more times.

Please note: You may also use an air or fan diffuser to dispense your oils for direct inhalation.

Aromatic oils stimulate your olfactory nerves which send a signal to your brain’s neuro-receptors, triggering numerous electro-chemical responses. Research shows that essential oils will remain in your bloodstream for up to 4-6 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many cheap, synthetic copies of aromatic oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. For best results purchase the highest quality oils you can possibly find. Use certified organic essential oils, or oils that have been tested and are pesticide free.

Holistic MindBody Therapy, including pure essential oils, are gentle, noninvasive complementary forms of health care for balancing and synchronizing your body, mind and spirit and a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being. Alternative health care may produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self diagnose.