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Mauritius – Adventure Forever

Mauritius – Adventure Forever

Mauritius reckons the distinction of being one of the most alluring islands in the world. God found mankind getting completely bucked up from their daily chores, so he made Mauritius to chill out on the vacations. This mesmerizing island is beleaguered by a vast expanse of coral reefs and effulgent sandy beaches.

This fabulous island is said to be a chic vacationing destination in the world. Stepping back from the palm lined coast, one finds a stunning backdrop of majestic mountains, canopy of rain forests and vast sugar plantations.

An astonishing blend of culture, history and hospitality makes Mauritius a perennial favorite for travelers. Mauritius is full of galloping experiences such as that of the Black river Gorges national park which has some really beautiful natural scenery to behold. It also has some unique plant and bird life. The Golden Bamboo, Chewing gum tree, fish poison trees are the key attractions and how can one miss the Giant Victoria Regia water lilies.

There is still another face of Mauritius to enjoy especially for those adventure freaks. Adventurers thrill themselves with scuba diving, snorkeling and those believing in posh life style have golf to savor their platter.

Now we have something for those family visitors and especially those weeping toddlers. Deer island is a true sojourn for them. Apart from this, one can enjoy the Catamaran cruise where one can indulge in lot of Dolphin watching. Also, treat your eyes with fabulous beauty of Crystal rock and Benitiers island. The intrinsic connections of Dolphins with humans have made them the most fascinating sea creatures. It’s truly enchanting seeing the Dolphin perform ballet in water.

Now let me take you for sightseeing the Discover Phoenix, a dormant volcano at Trou aux Cerfs. Once in Mauritius a must trip to the Hindu holy lake at Grand Bassin which is really unforgettable. The only break which one can expect is the perfect barrier reef encircling Mauritius in the South.

Therefore, there is no stoppage for enjoyment in Mauritius.