Make Your Stay in Singapore Hotel Memorable by Visiting Parks in the Northern and Eastern Singapore

Make Your Stay in Singapore Hotel Memorable by Visiting Parks in the Northern and Eastern Singapore

Along with the modern face of the Singapore one has many options to explore the island. One of the options is to visit its parks. One can stay in any hotel in Singapore, all the hotels in the island offer easy access to various means of transportation. Using these means one can easily reach any of the parks in the island.

One of the most beautiful park in the island is Sembawang Park. Its designed is inspired by the design of a dice. Located north of Jalore Straights, Park is named after Sembawang tree. This park far from the hustle and bustle of the central streets is an oasis of calm and serenity. For some reason this park is quite popular among the tourists to the island. This park is home to one of the unspoiled beaches on the island. This natural beach is one of the most popular fishing grounds for anglers. Variety of marine life is myriad and is one of the attractions of this virgin beach. More than 40 species of birds are there to greet you.

Another attraction at the park is the Beaulieu House. This house by the seaside was constructed in 1910 and today has been turned into a sea food restaurant. The park offers many facilities at the park include:

o Barbecue pits

o Children’s playground

o Foot reflexology path

o 3G Exercise and Elderly fitness station

o Restroom with shower facilities

o Footpath to the visitors

The park offers many sports facilities for its visitors. These include boating, camping and cycling along with many others.

Another important park is East Coast Park on the island. Built over 185 hectare this park holds the honor of being the largest park in the island. This park is located on the southeastern segment of the coast of the Singapore park remain open all the days of the week. Best part is there is no admission fee. The East Coast Park boasts of the man made beach. One can swim in this beach. This park is perfect place for small gatherings and get together. Facilities at the park include

o Cycling and rollerblading track

o barbecue pits

o 3 Food Centers

Water Sport’s Center and Sailing Center at the park offer all the sports facilities to sport buffs. If you are a bowling fan you will be surprised to find a bowling alley at the park.

So if you have some and want o go for some off track fun just put up your stuff in the room of your hotel in Singapore and visit any of these parks for an off beat sort of adventure.