Lost in the Middle of Nowhere – Adventure of Sempu Island

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere – Adventure of Sempu Island

Island of Sempu is a small island with no inhabitants, located at the southern part of Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Not many people know about this island, since it is hard to reach. I went there about six months ago with my friend. It took about five hours to get there from Malang, and we came there without enough information, nor preparation. The only thing we knew was just the beach, and the rest was adventure.

After a half-day journey with public transport, we arrived there at Sendangbiru beach, the only way to go to Sempu, at about 11 am. We could see the island from this beach. But the island is actually a conservation area, that made us a little bit confused with the bureaucracy. After a tough negotiation with the guard, we could rent a boat, together with two other people that became our friends then. It took 15 minutes to get to the island, and the boat costed Rp100,000 for roundtrip.

The island was so wet since it rained hard days before. The mud was so thick and hard. We slipped over and over again. There was no path since it is conservation area, so along the way was just forest, to get to the beach called Segara Anakan.The attraction of the beach is not just the white sand, but also the perforated cliff that confine the beach with the Indian Ocean.

Taking risk to come back late, we went ahead to reach the beach, and after we walked about three hours, there we were. Yes, is was beautiful! People say, it is like Phi Phi Island in Thailand. Though, we just enjoyed it for 20 minutes, otherwise we could not go back home, because the last minibus from the Sendangbiru was at 4 pm. We arrived at 3 pm. After taking some photos, our new friends left there, and we two went back to Sendangbiru.

On the way back, we met a group of five with whom then we went together. Unfortunately, one of us, got her leg injured. Day became darker, and we could not go faster. It was sunset already, and many other people came with us as the last group to come back. There was no torch, no electricity in the middle of the forest. There was only panic in silence but we went ahead. We often had to crawl for the slippery and barbed soil. We kept going while calling for help to some friends and boatmen. And after five hours, we felt revived, we found the way out with the boatmen waiting at the same spot where we arrived. We all were incredibly muddy all over our body.

Luckily, some of our friends had car, so I and my friend could go back home after taking shower at Sendangbiru to remove all the mud from our body. I arrived at home at 1 am, with my parents were waiting in panic.

After all, I would suggest my friends to come with preparation when coming to Sempu Island, such as good sneakers or boots. And since it is a forest, it is better to wait until the soil dried, so that we can reach the Segara Anakan Beach much faster and safer. Some people that rest on the beach at night should bring his/her own food and drink beside the camping utility as tent and torch, because no street vendor we can find there. Last, we should keep in mind about the latest hour for public transport.