India Holiday Packages: 2 Most Coveted Travel Themes

India Holiday Packages: 2 Most Coveted Travel Themes

India holiday packages bring alive a world of fantasy with its diverse facades exhibiting real magic of India. From ‘nature escapes’ to ‘beach affairs’, jungle safaris to luxurious desert safaris, cultural tours to heritage tours and sacred pilgrimages these holiday packages to India appease all kinds of travel-enthusiasts. Vacationers from around the world pick these packages through different trusted trip operators or agents to be able to make the most of their India tours. One should only rely upon trusted travel agents who are recognized by Indian Ministry of Tourism for they are the ones who always come up with the right advice for your dates of travel, destinations, attractions, hotel arrangements, modes of traveling, budget and more.

India is a vast landscape and to travel the whole country is not possible in a single visit and thus one must determine a theme for the visit. Such themes can be thus matched with the best possible destinations by the help of a trusted travel agent. Some of the most coveted themes for India holiday packages are:

Golden Triangle Tours: The three vertexes of Golden Triangle Tour in North India are formulated by three amazing cities namely, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Each of the cities is situated at a driving distance of 5-6 hours thereby forming a triangular traveling circuit inter-connected with a network of good roads. Also, these three cities preserve heaps of India’s cultural buoyancy, its geographical treasures and historic heritage and thus are a must-visit for all. Delhi, the national capital baffles the mind with its juxtaposing image of modern and traditional with its swanky hotels and malls rubbing shoulders with age-old temples, jewelry markets and kite flying. Jaipur is the renowned Pink City of royals where spectacular palaces and other royal establishments serve as a great reminiscent of the bygone era of royalty. Agra is the world-renowned city of one of the Seven World Wonders, the Taj Mahal.

Temple Tour: India holiday packages are incomplete without a visit to splendid temples of India. A temple tour not just allows you to visit these magnificent temples in the country, but also helps give you peep into the region’s cultural existence and religious beliefs. For temple tours in India one can pick from a wide range of destinations spread all across the nation. In the north the banks of sacred River Ganges are adorned with several beautiful temples which are worth a watch. Khajuraho in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is one of the best places to visit medieval Hindu and Jain temples in India. Famous for their erotic sculptures outside these temples has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, gorgeous temples in the southern part of the country including Tirupati Temple exude splendor of Dravidian architectural art form.

These are just few of the themes for India holiday packages that can be considered for an enthralling traveling experience.