Imagery & Affirmations – Your Goal

Imagery & Affirmations – Your Goal


A GOAL implies Desire! You’re going to start with just one goal to FOCUS on.

Ask yourself these questions:

What one thing would I like to change about my life?

What one thing would give me the greatest sense of satisfaction if I accomplished it?

If I could do anything and be successful, what would I do? This question is ultimately about your self confidence to be yourself.

Through the Activity of achieving your GOAL you are liberating yourself from UNCONSCIOUS programs that dictate what’s possible for you to achieve. You are also learning new, more productive habits of mind.

Taking ACTION toward your GOAL helps you to grow in your feelings of self like and self acceptance.

It’s NOT important for you to know HOW you will achieve your GOAL. Your primary FOCUS is to find the one GOAL that most inspires and excites your passion for its achievement.

The fact you can conceive and write your goal down means you can accomplish it!

Remember whatever you dwell upon creates your future. Consistently think about what you want or desire, and off the things you fear, or don’t want.

Your outer world mirrors what’s going on in your inner world.

Developing a deep inner trust in yourself and your ability to handle any life situation results from your having integrity with your Core Values.

Your Goal must be congruent with your Highest (Core) Values. Otherwise you will experience Inner Conflict and Sabotage your Desired Outcome or Result.

For example if Feeling Safe is a Core Value of yours and you feel Unsafe or Vulnerable when you are Slender then you will sabotage your efforts to achieve your goal of being your natural weight as it is in conflict with your Core Value of Feeling Safe.

Becoming aware of Inner Conflict between a Core Value and Your GOAL is the First Step in resolving it.

Learn more about resolving inner conflicts in SHADOW VOICES.

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