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How to Build a Square Foot Garden

How to Build a Square Foot Garden

When it comes to growing your own food most people think of a very huge garden with lots of plants. They also think of all the hard work planting, trimming, and catering to the garden but this does not have to be the case. There is no need for long endless rows of plants and crops. There is no need to spend countless hours working on the garden, tilling the soil, applying fertilizer, and preparing the soil. There is no need to spend hours planting seedlings and weeding the area. There is a much simpler and easier way of growing your own food. If you build a square foot garden you will not have to worry about tilling the soil, applying fertilizer, and planting seedlings on a large scale. All of these things are able to done in a very short period of time and able to be done with ease.

By building a square foot garden you will be able to quickly and easily plant, grow, and harvest your own crops. This method of planting and growing crops is very good especially for urban areas. It is ideal for people who want to grow their own food but have very limited space. This form of growing plants is called square foot gardening. It is a variation of French Intensive farming. Some may refer to it is bio intensive method of farming. This form of farming is quite simple and easy to do.

Basic Steps in Building a Square Foot Garden

Step 1

This concept is quite easy and all you need to do first is build a bed that is raised. There is no need to fret about things such as poor soil, lack of top soil and so forth. We will deal with that later. The good thing about this is that you can even build a bed which is raised on top of concrete patio or slab. After you have done this the next step involves you making and using your own mixture of soil. You can also use the soil in and around your immediate garden area but it is best you get that soil tested and checked out to find out if it is fertile and usable.

Step 2

You then must proceed to divide your bed into various sections. That is you must partition the raised up bed into square foot sections. Each section must be a square foot each. You must plant vegetables and crops in the perfect amount of soil and space that they need in order to germinate and grown properly. For instance you might only be able to grow one tomato plant in an each square foot section but you might be able to grow a whole bunch of carrots, onions, and various other small plants and vegetables in a section.

Step 3

The third and final step relates to simply catering to the sections and making sure that your crops are well looked after and properly catered to. They will need to be watered depending on the crop and you will be required to occasionally clear the area and get rid of weeds. Of course you will also need to apply fertilizers, pesticides, and other things but it all depends on the nature of the crops you have planted in the section.

The main benefit and advantage of this kind of farming is that there is less work required and the workload is greatly reduced. There is less weeding, watering, clearing, and so forth. There are countless benefits of growing your own food and in addition to it being very healthy and cost effective you will be eating positively. By eating whole, organic and healthy fruits and vegetables you will be very fit, very healthy and you will be great shape, you will be stronger and more resistant to sickness and disease.