How To Become A Visa Mastercard Distributor

How To Become A Visa Mastercard Distributor

Mastercard International is targeting a 40 per cent growth for the financial year
2004-05. At present, it has 7 million debit cards and 5 million credit cards. …

People will always need credit cards; it seems the average person has about 4 cards in his pocket, a card for gas, a card for a major department store, a card for groceries, a card for jewelry, and a couple of cards as spares just in case cash is needed and in short supply.

Now if you have a website, ANY type of website, you can become an affiliate for one credit card company, or up to 100 credit card companies, for absolutely free!

To give you an example as to what is available:

You can feature more than 100 credit cards with several companies by just placing a simple link on your web page for free.

These companies will also help you set up your website.

Credit Cards offered are Visa. Mastercard and American Express.

Commissions to you when somebody fills out an appication range from $20 to $80 for an approval.

They provide affiliates with all credit card content, such as reviews, ratings, APRs, fees, etc. All information is provided FREE to affiliates to incorporate into their websites.

Some companies will actually supply you with access to a database which consistently updates any information that may change such as interest rates and terms and conditions.

There are at present numerous different types of cards the majority of which fall into 2 classifications:

Credit Cards based on good credit history.
Interest and transaction rates should be relatively low.

Credit Cards based on not so good credit history.
Interest and transaction rates will be relatively high.

It would be perfect as an affiliate to be able to offer both.

In order to convince people to subscribe to a certain credit card you can actually promote on your website various types of rewards offered by the credit card companies.

A prime example of rewards of course are airmiles.

“Get 15,000 miles free when you apply for this particular credit card.”

How about these rewards:

“0% intro APR for 15 months.”

“Instant approval”

“5% cash back”

“Free movie rentals”

“Bad Credit OK”

“Low Interest”
“Purchase and transfers at 0%”

“Free rewards program: Home, electronics, dining, travel and more”

” 5 points for every $1 spent at supermarkets, drugstores & gas stations:”

” Earn 1 point for every $1 on all other purchases”

” 0% APR on balance transfers for 12 months”

” No annual fee”

“auto rebate cards”

Faster Cards
There are now new cards , where cardmembers simply hold their card near a point-of-sale reader at a checkout, instead of swiping their card or handing it to a store employee.

As cardmembers hold their card with this feature near the point-of-sale reader, the reader will quickly emit a tone and light up to signal payment confirmation.

“We believe the innovative cards with this feature provide merchants and cardmembers with the increased speed and convenience they want at the point-of-sale,” said a senior vice president of a company’s credit card division. “With this feature, cardmembers can save time when making their everyday purchases.”

So you could use any of the above incentives to promote your affiliate credit card link and earn additional Internet Income.