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How to Avoid Danger While Travelling – A Must Read For All Travelers

How to Avoid Danger While Travelling – A Must Read For All Travelers

Traveling is a good and thrilling experience that could change your whole perspective in life. In addition, it is a fun why in meeting new friends, learning new things, discovering new and exciting places. Everyone should and must try to experience the joy of visiting different parts of the world. However, like all things, it also requires planning and preparation to have a trouble free adventure.

Danger lurks all over the place, most especially in places that are new to you. It cannot be avoided, but being alert of them can make a difference. Oftentimes being mindful of your surrounding can and will keep you out of danger. There’s a few way to spot danger in traveling.

Most often than not, first time travelers to any country are victimized by the taxi drivers they hire to take them to the hotel. These drivers will give the merry go round; once you reach the hotel they will force you to shell out exorbitant bill more than what you really need to pay. Or sometimes, they will take you to a special hotel telling you that the hotel has already closed and that they knew another one that is cheaper and accessible. Do not be fool! This kind of drivers takes commission from the hotel itself for bringing more guests. The best thing to do in this incident is to get out and take another taxi.

Another regular scam for tourist is the overcharging of nearly anything they buy. This perhaps is the most frequent scam of all time. Research is part of the preparation. Knowing the value of every commodity and services in any country you are visiting may probably arm you in this situation. Finding about stuff like this are easy, you can surf the internet for all information or ask your travel agent to provide you with travel guide or brochures about the country.

Another scam to be aware of when traveling is once you get invited to lunch or tea most likely they want something from you. Like promoting things that you really don’t want or need. Forcing you to buy anything they are selling, when this happen. Walk away, for the reason they will never leave your side until you purchase them. Befriending you is their line of attack. Although not all, but just to be on the safe side it is better to be aware and ready as soon as these really happen.

These should not prevent you from accepting invitation or enjoying their friendship and hospitality. After all, it is one of the joys of traveling. What I am mainly telling, is to be on your guard always. Just remember not all are scam artist.

It is expected to make acquaintances with the natives when traveling. Regrettably tourist now and again is targeted by scam artist. They use naivety as a weapon against you. Trusting your gut feeling can save you from any undesirable situation. Be aware, open your eyes and keep your wits intact.