Get Swept Away at Hong Kong Ocean Park

Get Swept Away at Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong is a happy contradiction, rooted to its Chinese heritage but comfortable with its western values and drive. This bustling trade point is a content culmination of both worlds, an identity it has long strived to reconcile has finally come to pass and this dizzying metropolis is richer for it.

Hong Kong is synonymous with its branded retailers, sky scraping shopping malls and a food culture that can rival any in South Asia. Home to over seven million people of diverse cultural backgrounds, Hong Kong is an ever expanding organism that has a growing appetite for adventure.This is why Hong Kong Ocean Park is a premier destination for locals and tourists alike when they stop over on this island nation. As the globe’s seventh most popular theme park, Ocean Park as it is known locally is also the 33rd most frequented tourist attraction in the world according to Forbes. No small feat for a marine themed park that houses over 35 featured attractions.

Sprawled across 870,000 square meters of park land, Hong Kong Ocean Park is divided in to seven regions: the Lowland Gardens, Whiskers Harbour,Adventure Land, Marine Land, Tai Shue Wan Entrance, Amazing Asian Animals and Headland Rides.

Lowland Gardens offers a number of thrilling excursions including the Sky Fair where visitors are taken on a scenic tour of the area in a helium balloon surrounded by a carnival atmosphere complete with spinning acrobats, clowns and audacious jugglers. Soaring 100 metres this fun filled trip to the skies will give one breathtaking views of the southern region of the island.

HKJC Giant Panda Habitat is another proffered spot in the Lowly gardens as it is home to two enormous pandas that were a gift from China. An An and Jia Jia as they are known, provide guests with the rare opportunity to witness these precious creatures in their natural habitat while learning about their queer habits and life style.

The Ocean express is another hotspot as it offers guests a chance to travel from the park’s Waterfront to the Summit. Transporting 5,000 people every hour the Ocean Express rides along a rail track as long as 29 football fields in a tunnel that delves 71,300 square meters deep in to the earth.

Whisker’s Harbour is playground for the young and old as it is where Dolphin University, Whisker’s Theatre, Whiskers Harbour Skill Games, Balloon Up Up And Away, Sea Lion Fun Time as well as Whiskers and Friends are located. Come interact with the world’s most intelligent marine mammals in the Dolphin University where an educational setting and presentations helps children better understand these intimately friendly creatures. Nature lovers will also love Sea Lion Fun Time while Balloon Up Up And Away whisks kids off in vibrant balloons for an unforgettable day out.

Adventure land is ideal for adrenaline junkies as Mine Train, Raging River and the Ocean Park Escalator which also happens to be the world’s second lengthiest open-air escalator offers mind-blowing experiences. Headlands Rides is also on-site with its rollercoaster’s, The Dragon, The Abyss Turbo Drop and the Flying Swing among others.

Marine land offers unique encounters with marine life including Atoll Reef where 250 species and over 2,000 fishes are on display in addition to sharks, Black Spotted Sting Rays, Bowmouth Guitarfish and Eagle Ray. The Pacific Pier, Ocean Theatre and Sea Jelly Spectacular are also must-see locales when touring Hong Kong Ocean Park while an array of delightful restaurants such as The Bayview, and the Terrace Café are on hand to serve scrumptious meals and snacks.