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Gerundizing in English

Gerundizing in English


In English, gerundizing is the approach of incorporating ‘ing’ to the verb. When verbs are gerundized, they perform as partly verbs and partly nouns. In other words and phrases, by introducing ‘ing’ to any verb, the verb improvements its functionality to be a partly noun and partly verb.

Functions of gerunds

1) As topics of sentences

Gerunds or gerundized verbs when made use of as topics of sentences generally put at the starting when focusing on exercise as the issue of conversation.

Smoking cigarettes is harmful.

Looking through EzineArticles is exciting.

Composing content wants a large amount of apply.

Actively playing tennis is great for your health, and excellent enjoyment!

Understanding a international language is not always hard.

The taking pictures of the hunter was terrible.

Flying a airplane can be risky.

The instructing of the doctrine is deceptive the persons.

Traveling is fun.

The introducing of the new computer software was apparent more than enough to understand.

2) As an item of a verb

Gerunds in this article purpose as objects of verbs. In English there are specific verbs which are gerundized operating as objects of verbs.

The adhering to are verbs that are normally adopted by the gerund sort: like, extravagant, dislike, detest, really like, abhor, disgust, stop, cease, go on, thoughts, acknowledge, deny, recommend, keep away from, consider, delay, cancel, examine, get pleasure from, finish, maintain, postpone, propose, suggest, regret, participate, risk, tolerate and go, and so forth.


I like swimming. My sister fancies cooking. We dislike gossiping. I dislike waiting in particular for practically nothing. We really like dancing. Anita abhors provoking. We disgust plagiarizing. Why do you end trying? Indonesia made a decision to cease firing the Malaysian troops. We continue seeking our most effective. Would you thoughts opening the doorway? We confess creating problems. You deny thieving the funds? We recommend closing the internet site asap. Helen avoided meeting Pricila. Never ever delay undertaking points. They have mentioned meeting in the next assembly. Do you delight in surfing? Have you finished performing your venture? Retain hoping. Never postpone creating your thesis. We instructed/ encouraged suspending the software. We regret getting unable to appear. We participated finalizing the proposal.We chance continuing the plant. Really don’t tolerate ceating in any activity. Harry prevented spending late expenses on the account. Denny denied figuring out anything at all about the corruption. I postponed producing a choice until Monday. She regrets not finding out French in college. Hanna enjoys listening to classical new music. Jason admits shelling out far too significantly income on toys. Let’s go swimming!

3) Soon after specified expressions (can’t enable, cannot resist, are not able to bear, can not stand, can’t quit, can not persist)

Gerunds are made use of just after the expressions these kinds of as can’t enable, are not able to resist, can not bear, can’t stand, are not able to end, can not persist,


I are unable to quit slipping in appreciate with English. Jenny can not resist having chocolate mints. His text cannot bear repeating. Terry are unable to stand keeping in Indonesia due to the fact it’s very hot. I are unable to stop seeking the female..

4) Phrasal verbs with particle prepositions are Gerundized

Gerunds are utilized following phrasal verbs (verbs adopted by particle prepositions), in other text, gerunds are utilised with phrasal verbs that close in prepositions. Phrasal verbs are verb phrases which are designed up of two or a lot more phrases, usually the verb as well as one or two prepositions these types of as: consider of, seem into, phone off, get about, determine out, glimpse forward to, place off, acquire over, halt off, deal in, object to, ccount on, count on, and so forth.


Have you believed of moving to the region? Never place off performing things. The coach named off practicing for the day. Tom seemed into discovering a new task.She took a extensive time to get in excess of shedding her pet dog. I looked into purchasing a new computer system. Sally succeeded in geting about losing body weight. We look ahead to conference you once more at ezinearticles.com. Why do not you consider above overseeing the job? Terry stopped off purchasing for the spouse and children. We offer in distibuting fuel in the place. We object to manipulating the facts. The gentleman just counts on amassing rubbish to dwell his spouse and children. Really don’t count on working with the dictionary for meanings.

5) As objects of prepositions

In English verbs are gerundized as objects of prepositions: in, on, at, for, by, of, off, from, into, out of, oppositte, and many others. This indicates that whenever a verb follows a preposition, the gerund or ‘ing’ type of the verb is utilised. This is primarily vital for adjective + preposition mixtures and phrasal verbs (demonstrated previously mentioned) which usually stop in prepositions.


In creating a decision there are several issues to look at. On checking the items, we located a little something wrong with the products. We need to go over just before we get there at earning up our brain. I am here for attending a producing workshop. By next the method, we can make dollars quickly. Alternatively of staying I’d fairly go to theatre. We have just come from viewing the factory.

6) Selected Adjectives with certain prepositions just take Gerunds

In English gerunds are applied just after specified adjectives with specified preposition mixtures which consist of: worried of, great/lousy/bad, outstanding for (in, at), intrigued in, unique from, drained of, astonished/shocked at (by), guaranteed about/of, able of, slow in, comparable to, to be/get accustomed to/used to, similar to, and so forth.


I am afraid of waking up my father. Some of the cadets are bad at spelling words and phrases in English. You are superior at talking English. They are poor at announcing text in Indonesian. These veggies are exccelent forincreasing your health. I am interested in composing posts on audio and athletics. Are you scared of climbing the mountain? The tour tutorial is fatigued of major the tour. John is superior at talking Dutch. Sally was scared of going for walks by itself in the dim. They are capable of fixing their sophisticated problem. We are applied to/accustomed to functioning late at evening.

7) As objects of possessive adjectives

Verbs are gerundized after possessive adjectives such as my, your, his, her, our, their, its, Mary’s, John’s, and so on.


Thank you for your coming. Do you like my coming to your business? I you should not thoughts his inquiring me about our small business. We always hope his going to to our website. We didn’t item to their interrupting us through the dialogue. I envisioned Mary’s coming yesterday. John’s questioning may be ideal. I never comprehend its educating us about the video game.

8. As objects of aim pronouns

Following objective pronouns this kind of as me, you, him, her, them, her, him, us, it, Mary, Tom, and so forth. verbs are gerundized far too.

I disagree with him suggesting these an plan. I like him coming around to my office. Do you like me coming to your workplace? I will not thoughts him inquiring me about our business. I predicted Mary coming yesterday. I you should not have an understanding of him behaving so rudely to us.

8) require, want, call for+ Gerund

When verbs want, want and need are gerundized, they could have a passive infinitive which means.


The bouquets are dying so they have to have watering (They need to have to be watered). The flooring is dirty so it necessitates cleansing (It requires to be cleaned). The deck desires painting (It desires to be painted).

9. no use and well worth + Gerund

Gerunds are also utilized right after these types of expressions as no use, no value, no essence, no floor, no justification, no purpose and (not) value.


There is no use crying more than the spilt milk. It is (not) worthy of carrying out these an exercise any more, it’s ineffective. There is no floor complaining about the defeat. There is no justification coming late once again.

10. No+ Gerunds to make prohibitions in English.

In English when earning prohibitions with “no”, gerunds are generally made use of or the verbs are gerundized.


No smoking cigarettes (smoking is not permitted) No parking! No tresspassing! No provoking! No overtaking!

In summary, English verbs are gerundized by including ‘ing’ to any verb, and the verbs gerundized modify their capabilities to be partly nouns and partly verbs. Gerunds can operate in English as subjects of sentences, as objects of verbs, of prepositions, of possessive goals, of possessive adjectives, etc.