George – Diverse Natural Wonders Waiting To Be Explored

George – Diverse Natural Wonders Waiting To Be Explored

Located in the picturesque Western Cape Province, George is the capital of the Southern Cape and also the sixth oldest town in the entirety of South Africa. Its location situated below the spectacular Outenique Mountains, makes it the perfect destination for relaxation.

Visitors will find George situated centrally between Port Elizabeht and Cape Town, in quite close proximity to other towns along the Garden Route. As a result of the fact that George is easily linked to all of the other important cities in the country through rail, air and road connections it has quickly become a hub for the region.

In the last few years; however, George has begun to focus on its development as a holiday accommodation destination. In fact, George is the only city along the Garden Route with the ability to provide accommodation for thousands of guests with the ability to cater to a variety of tastes as well as budget. Tariffs are usually lower at George than at cities located right on the coast, which means that visitors are able to take advantage of close proximity to the coast as well as an excellent value for their money.

Overall, the town exhibits a safe and peaceful country atmosphere with a spectacular mixture of rivers, mountains, forests, beaches, farmlands and wildflowers just waiting to be explored. The original inhabitants of the region, the Hottentots, called the area Outeniqua; which means man laden with honey. One visit to the region and it is easy to see why this name still rings true today.

There are a number of diverse scenic attractions to explore while in the area as well as many different activities. One of the most unique attractions in the region is Oudtshoorn, the ostrich farm. The sunny winters and warm, dry summers have made this area the perfect breeding location for the ostrich, the largest bird in the world. At one time the ostrich roamed completely wild in the area. Today there are some 400 ostrich farms in the immediate area, three of which have been designated as show farms. If you are looking for adventure, it certainly awaits you at this fabulous farm where you will have a chance to not only interact with this exotic bird species but also take a ride on one as well.

For even more adventure and excitement consider bungee jumping on the Bloukrans River. This is the highest commercial bungee jump location in the entire world; rising to an astounding height of 216 meters and offering a seven second free fall. This is truly adventure at its best.

If you are looking for relaxing; however, look no further than the Outenique Choo-Tjoe, the last steam passenger train in operation in South Africa. This antique steam train will transport you from George to Knysna and back again, where you will have the opportunity to soak up some of the most beautiful scenery in the Western Cape along the way. The train departs daily in the morning and returns each afternoon.