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Fiji Island Adventure

Fiji Island Adventure

Fiji is an island nation that has formally been entitled the Republic of the Fiji Islands and is situated in the South Pacific Ocean. It stretches out west of Tonga, east of Vanuatu, and south of Tuvalu.

Travelers from around the globe assemble on this little island due to the sheer popularity of surfing in Fiji. The months between April and September have been deemed the best for surfing in Fiji. Surfers are provided with numerous resorts to cater to them and to other people on board for family holidays. Briefed below are two of the most admired resorts.

Matanivusi Surf Resort

The latest surf resort opened up in Fiji is the Matanivusi Surf Resort which is built particularly for perceptive travelers who yearn for seclusion, surf, service and satisfaction. The location it is situated on is vivid, eco-friendly, and ideal most for families, singles, and couples. You have the opportunity of convenient access to surfing and to book the entire resort for up to 12 people.

Nagigia Island Resort

At the western end of Kadavu Island is a tiny island named Nagigia. This location is known as one of the main tourist attractions due to its rocky landscape and serene natural beauty. This zone is popular for surfing, sports, bird-watching, inspiring village trips, and trekking. The place is very near to the famous Great Astrolabe Reef due to which scuba divers are mostly associated with this region.

Fiji has several of the most excellent and most reliable vacations available around the globe. The renowned sites such as ‘Swimming Pools’ and ‘Cloud Break’ situated near Tavarua are major attractions. If you are in search of less renowned and affordable surf camps then main islands of Taveuni, Viti Levu, and Kadavu are there for your assistance.

At the far coast of Viti Levu are the little islands that are rendered ideal for hardcore surfers. Surfing in Fiji is best during the cyclone season that is June to August duration or perhaps September to March.

Good news for the surfers out there! The marine life is protected from over-fishing, so there is no need to worry about the beautiful marine biodiversity. You can enjoy them every time you surf down in Fiji.


While you are on your surfing adventure, surfboards are the one that you rely on the most! So choosing the right kind of surfboard becomes highly essential. The shapes of the surfboards should be in agreement with waves of Fijian waters so that the surfing experience provides thrill and be safe at the same time.

The various kinds of surfboards available are:

– Tavarua Surfboards are specifically designed for abrupt, speedy and unfilled waves.

– Namotu Surfboards are finished for the slow and subtle waters of swimming pools.

– Wai-Kama Surfboards are special Fijian surfboards which are crafted for control and speed.

So all you surfers! Get the surfboards of your choice and dive into the waters of Fiji.