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Ever Heard Of Mt Kenya Safari Club

Ever Heard Of Mt Kenya Safari Club

Mt. Kenya is one of the most spectacular sight in Africa, especially to any visitor who has heard of Kenya a country in East Africa. It rises 2,134 metres above sea level. I know this sounds very appealing to mountain climbers or anyone who dreams of climbing the hill before his/her life elapses. It has a very long history, dearly attached to the communities around who once believed that God lives in the mountain. So it’s held in a very sacred way and it’s also where Kenya got it name.

Mt. Kenya inspired the Safari Club, a very famous hotel. The hotel was once a home belonging to Rhoda Prudhomme who was a matron from New York and first called the hotel Mawingu or clouds. The history of the hotel dates back to 1948 when it changed hands to Abraham Block and then it was sold again in 1959. The new owner transformed it be the most exclusive hotel you can visit when touring the mountain. The best thing is that it still maintains its original looks though there have been a few renovations of late.

Mt. Kenya Safari Club is a great getaway for those who want to experience history at its best. It spans more than 100 acres and has 18- hole golf course. While around this place, enjoy nature walks, bird watching. A river passes by and also offers a good aerial view of the mountain when the skies are clear. The weather around is chilly especially during the cold season so don’t leave your warm clothing. However prepare yourself for a nice stay as you enjoy climbing Mt. Kenya or staying in the lodge.