Duxiana Mattress Reviews

Duxiana Mattress Reviews

Many people consider the DUX beds to have the best mattresses in the world. They are available in many different type and styles, and all are handmade in Sweden. Duxiana mattresses include many distinct models and styles, as noted, but all of them are built of quality materials, using expert construction. Add to that the ability to replace the mattress pad, and you’ve got a luxury sleep product to last a lifetime.

There is little doubt that these mattresses are comparable in price to the cost of an entire bedroom suite for more conventional sleep products, but it is equally important to understand that the construction quality is nothing short of excellent. Simply take a look at the mattress reviews of the individual products, and you’ll begin to understand the workmanship involved. No matter where you look, you won’t find any mattress reviews which talk negatively about this bedding company.

The styles include the DUX 8888 and DUX 1001. They both provide an adjustable sleep surface for configurable support and comfort. And if separate support for a couple is your goal in purchasing a new bed, then the latter model has what you need, as it it is designed with additional support in mind, customizable for each side of the bed.

In fact, the DUXMotion bed is considered one of the best beds for those who require an adjustable bed. It provides for the same quality sleep as other models, but includes the functional adjustability you would find in hospital settings around the world. There is even an extra deep version, the DUX 12:12, which includes the comfortability of the other models, along with deeper springs that fully conform to the body.

At first, it probably seems as though the praise is being heaped on without regard to the facts. In this, we can only encourage you to try a Duxiana mattress for yourself. From the visually aesthetic properties to the support and comfort of their use, DUX beds prove themselves in clinical and home testing the world over. All that is required to prove to you that the cost of a Duxiana is justified is for you to examine one for yourself.

It is possible to purchase an ordinary bed at only a fraction of the cost of a Duxiana mattress. But you won’t get a mattress built to last a lifetime, or that will provide a wonderful night’s sleep every time. Please, do not take our word for it. For adjustable support and luxurious comfort, DUX beds are literally in a class by themselves.