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“Does charging a fee mean my client owns me?”: Travel Weekly

“Does charging a fee mean my client owns me?”: Travel Weekly

To cost, or not to cost? Fees, that is — it can be a subject that is gotten much more and much more consideration among the the journey agency community in the course of the pandemic. Advisors make commission on the solutions they provide, but really should they also demand clientele for their companies on prime of that?

This 7 days, join co-hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada as they investigate the ins and outs of the matter with two veteran advisors, Jamie Jones, president of WhirlAway Vacation in West Chester, Pa., and Susanne Hays, president of Fairytale Journeys Vacation in Alexander Metropolis, Ala. A single expenses service fees (Jones) and a single would not (Hays), but each are confident in their enterprise model.

Tune in to find out additional and listen to them respond to some listener inquiries, including how to avoid feeling like a customer owns you if you charge a rate.


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In this episode:

1:23 – Meet our guests, Jamie and Susanne, two veteran journey advisors

2:34 – Susanne’s agency, Fairytale Journeys Travel, does not charge fees. Why?

3:35 – On the flip facet, WhirlAway Vacation was one of the initially organizations in West Chester to demand costs, and nevertheless does right now. Jamie tells us extra.

4:51 – The Disney company place – where by Susanne operates – is quite crowded. Does that necessarily mean expenses are not feasible?

7:09 – Are hobbyist brokers on the upswing?

8:11 – Jamie’s primary training details for new brokers (spoiler: session and self-assurance)

11:19 – Extra advisors are gravitating toward charging service fees what are Jamie and Susanne noticing among the their peers?

15:40 – Would either Jamie or Susanne take into account flipping their stance on charging charges?

17:38 – Julie Lanham, proprietor of Holidays to Remember, just started out charging costs, and it truly is been a great working experience. But she’s concerned about the future: Will her purchasers experience like they possess her as soon as they’ve paid out her price?

20:37 – Donna Wolfe, an advisor with Plaza Travel, miracles: How do you request longtime shoppers to commence paying out a fee?

24:21 – Disney organizations normally advertise that booking with them will never charge individuals any far more than booking right. Learn how that performs into Susanne’s system.

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