Discover waterways holidays – Crazy sexy fun traveler

Discover waterways holidays – Crazy sexy fun traveler

Boating for the first time

Do you want to have your first canal boat vacation? You might have chosen that you want to appreciate total freedom for a weekend, a few days, or a week, but there are some questions you need answered to guarantee that your family or friends have the best possible holiday.

So, if you’ve never sailed before and are unclear how to go through locks or what to bring and organize before your trip, there’s plenty of info here to help you.

Canal or river cruise?

You’ll be traveling either a waterway or a stream, depending on your departure point. Keep in mind that rivers, which are wider than man-made waterways, are flood prone, especially in the spring and occasionally in the fall. These floods may create navigation restrictions, which implies that, for your security, we may be forced to limit your navigation to canals only or change your springboard, putting your holiday at risk.Before your trip, we will keep you updated on the status of these rivers.


Waterways holiday



Following services will be provided:

Bicycles may be useful for exploring the areas where you moor. Take a ride to see the picturesque villages and unique characteristics of the area, or just to assist in the transport of wonderful food and drink back to the ship.

You can always stay connected with our onboard Wi-Fi bundle. Whether you’re using tablets, PCs, or mobile phones, our unique service will allow you to connect one or more devices during your voyage! * It is accessible on most of our voyages; please inquire for additional details.

Here’s a great addition to your Christmas decor. You may rent one of our barbecues/hotplates to take with you and have a fantastic BBQ party right on your yacht!

Why pack linen for the bathroom and kitchen in your luggage if you’re flying or taking the train to your boat?

Bathroom towel sets (containing 1 glove, 1 towel, and 1 bath towel) and kitchen linen rentals are available at all Nicols bases (including 1 hand towel and 2 tea towels). Before you embark, inquire.

Will you have to get off your boat quickly after your voyage is over? Or perhaps you simply don’t want to clean? Our bases provide a cleaning service for your convenience.

The holidays are here! Make it simple and receive everything you require with our ‘all inclusive’ option.

1 canal guide + 2 bikes + cleaning charge + kitchen linen kit + bathroom linen kit + boat consumables (fuel / gas) are included in this package.

New! Use a comfy, foldable, and easy-to-store mattress to make the most of your time on deck. Perfect for lazy days on your Nicols boat’s roof terrace or front deck.

The boat battery is the only source of electricity once onboard. If you sail for 4 to 5 hours per day, your battery will be charged enough to run the water pump, refrigerator, and other domestic appliances.

A pool on board! By installing one of our wonderful heated and filtered splash pools to your yacht, you can enjoy the benefits of on-board bathing.

Canal boats, unlike seagoing vessels, have a flat bottom, which allows for a more efficient internal arrangement. With living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a well-equipped kitchen, the space available is similar to that of a motor home or mobile home. Moreover, many boats have an outdoor patio for dining al fresco with dual driving position (inside + outside) so that you can steer the boat while soaking up the sun!

Nicols canal boats are known for their agility and accessibility, with exterior terraces on the same level as the inside living area on the Sedan and Estivale models. Furthermore, Nicols boats are manufactured in France, so meet French safety legislation and offer double-chain railings and handrails to facilitate movement around the boat and reduce the risk of falling.

These are all significant features that make Nicols one of the favorite brands for waterways holidays, especially for families with young children.



Discover Waterways Holidays


What are the regulations

Companies offering canal and river boats for hire, like Nicols, are specially classified to enable them to rent boats to holidaymakers with the provision of suitable instruction. At the end of the holidaymakers’ “apprenticeships” they can sail the boat on a “pleasure card”.

Your instruction is provided when you arrive to collect your canal boat and will explain all the main maneuvers you will need as well as the rules of navigation on the waterways. When you arrive to pick up your canal boat, you will get tuition that will cover all the major maneuvers as well as the laws of navigation on the canals.

Nicols overview:

Nicols is a leader in the field of waterways holidays. It’s a company with over 35 years of expertise in constructing canal boats and renting them out for adventures. Nicols builds boats that combine pleasure, protection, and ease of use thanks to its skill in boat design and awareness of the requirements of vacationers. They are sure to please any group, from young families to married folks!