Dewalt Power Tools and Your Tree House

Dewalt Power Tools and Your Tree House

Dewalt power tools will provide you with the power and reliability you will need when you build your tree house. You may decide on a rustic structure build from natural materials or you may want a deluxe multi level model that spans many trees. In either case, make sure it will support the activities it will hold.

The concept of a tree house is an adventure for us since it is a place we can truly break away from the “rat race” and the stress of a hectic life. They can be built to include furniture, a heat source such as a woodstove and solar power lighting. However you choose to design your tree house, it must be engineered to allow for the fact that the tree is a living organism. It will need to have space to move with the wind and grow without restriction.

Do some research ahead of time so you can learn from the discoveries of others. A mature tree is obviously the best choice. Once the floor has been affixed to the tree in a way that does not damage it, the remainder of the structure can be build like a small cabin on the ground. You can find advice on which Dewalt power tools will be most appropriate for the job.

It is best to avoid cutting branches and drilling holes or sinking screws into the tree, since this exposes the tree to bacteria and infections that can eventually kill it. Using the correct pruning methods will not damage the tree, but will in fact help it to grow stronger.

Once you have completed your structure, using your Dewalt power tools it is important to waterproof it to prevent rot and water damage. Prolonged dampness in the wood will cause areas of you tree house to sag if it gets to the main supports. The roof needs to be absolutely impervious to water so make sure you use good roofing materials with the proper pitch to encourage run off. A good roof will protect everything under it and allow you to have the use of your tree house for many years.