Cheap Holidays to Olu Deniz – Turkey’s Premier Beach Resort

Cheap Holidays to Olu Deniz – Turkey’s Premier Beach Resort

With one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, Olu Deniz, a holiday resort in the Fethiye region, situated in the south-west of Turkey offers both sea views and a panoramic view of the mountains. Olu Deniz is a wonderful place for a family holiday with its myriad of things to do. Of course, it appeals to many types of holidaymaker because of its variety of activities. So, why not give some serious thought to an Olu Deniz holiday? Your first stop is to check out the cheap holiday deals to this part of Turkey, and then you’re on your way!

The Blue Lagoon, a protected national park, is the most famous holiday destination in Olu Deniz. It’s clear tranquil waters are perfect for snorkeling and other water sports. It’s also a safe swimming place for children and adults alike. Because of its protected status, building is not allowed around the Lagoon, so there are wonderful views in all directions.

Paradise Beach (Kidrak) is only a 30-minute walk from the resort. It is isolated and quiet, perfect for a relaxing day. Olu Deniz has activities for the adventurous too. For an amazing adrenalin rush, try paragliding high over the sea. An unusual way to admire the view! The best thermal and atmospheric conditions for paragliding are to be found on Mount Babag, and there are spectacular views of the Blue Lagoon and the amazing natural beauty of the region.

For families, couples and individuals who want to explore in a less dramatic, but no less exciting way there are trekking and walking tour packages available in Olu Deniz. A couple of hours walk will lead you to Butterfly Valley, which is well-known for the exotic Jersey Tiger Butterfly; during the months of June to September a plethora of butterfly species can be viewed. It is also possible to walk the Lycian Way which is about 500 kilometres in length, and has breathtaking views of the sea and the landscape. |it is not for the faint-hearted though, as it is graded as medium to hard. It begins about 30 kilometres from Olu Deniz and stretches to Antalya.

Olu Deniz holidays are a gastronomic delight and the numerous restaurants serve many different cuisines including Turkish and Mediterranean. Perhaps you just want a quick snack? Try some of the cafes and sample borek, which are little, flaky cheese pasties, accompanied by a glass of Turkish tea, while enjoying the beautiful natural views or watching the world go by in one of the busy markets.

One market that shouldn’t be missed is that of Fethiye. Not far from Olu Deniz, the main market is on Tuesday. Check out the food stalls, especially those that sell fruit and vegetables, and also the spice stalls. Take some spices home for your own cooking and you will really be reminded of your holiday.

There are a variety of hotels in Olu Deniz to choose from, and some even have special offers and cheap holiday deals with all inclusive tours of some of the amazing places in the vicinity. Dalaman Airport is the closest to Olu Deniz and is only about a 45-minute drive away. Antalya Airport is about two and a half hours drive from Olu Deniz. It’s always a good idea to book a shuttle service from the airport to your hotel for maximum convenience.

For those of you who really want to get away from it all check out the beach community of Kabak bay, where you can enjoy a truly unspoilt valley leading down to a secluded bay. Here you will find arrange of lodges and campsites offering a fantastic ambience and tasty organic food. Kabak bay can be reached from Olu-Deniz by dolmus and takes about 30 minutes and is well worth the visit for those of us who want to escape the crowds for a few days.